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CHAPTER 300. General provisions

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
300.01 Existing corporations continued.
300.02 Definitions.
300.025 Organization of financial corporations.
300.026 Selection of trustees or directors by a corporation created by special act.
300.03 Public service corporations; purposes.
300.04 State and local control; eminent domain.
300.045 Easements over private property, limitations.
300.05 City may purchase utility.
300.06 Filing and record of certificate.
300.07 [Repealed, 1982 c 496 s 11]
300.08 General powers.
300.081 Medical expenses; insurance; pensions.
300.082 [Repealed, 1981 c 270 s 142]
300.083 Indemnification.
300.09 Property; sale, lease, exchange; procedure.
300.10 Public service corporations; mortgages and deeds of trust.
300.11 Execution of mortgages and deeds of trust legalized.
300.111 Financing statements of public utilities, taconite and semitaconite companies; definitions.
300.112 Financing statements of a public utility, a taconite company, and a semitaconite company.
300.113 Continued effectiveness of certain laws.
300.114 Mortgages, deeds of trust and other instruments of public utilities; filing and recording.
300.115 Mortgages and deeds of trust of pipeline companies; filing and recording.
300.12 Bylaws; statements.
300.13 Corporate existence; duration, renewal.
300.131 Perpetual corporate existence for insurance companies.
300.14 Certain corporations.
300.15 Powers, rights, liabilities, and duties of consolidated corporation.
300.16 Rights of stockholders.
300.17 Liabilities of corporations, stockholders, and officers; rights of creditors.
300.18 Capital stock of consolidated corporation.
300.19 Filing fee.
300.20 Board of directors.
300.21 Officers.
300.22 Classification of directors.
300.23 Voting, how regulated.
300.24 Cumulative voting.
300.25 Transfer of stock.
300.26 Effect of transfer; stock books.
300.27 Stockholders, liabilities.
300.28 Property of stockholders levied on, when.
300.29 Procedure of officer levying.
300.30 Capital stock.
300.31 Capital stock of certain telephone companies.
300.32 Record of stock; reports; dividends.
300.323 Renumbered 501.47
300.33 Corporate stock without nominal or par value; classes of; preferred stock.
300.34 Certificates of incorporation; statements as to par value.
300.35 Stock certificates to show number of shares.
300.36 Value for determining prescribed minimum or maximum capital.
300.37 Value of capital stock fixed by directors.
300.38 Increase or reduction of value of capital stock.
300.39 Par value stock changed to nonpar value stock.
300.40 Certificate of incorporation to provide for conversion of shares.
300.41 Powers of directors to issue stock.
300.42 Computation of value of stock.
300.43 Laws applicable.
300.44 Offices within and outside the state.
300.45 Certificates of incorporation, amendment; exceptions.
300.451 Restated certificates of incorporation.
300.46 Nonprofit corporations; trustees.
300.47 [Repealed, 1951 c 550 s 78]
300.48 [Repealed, 1951 c 550 s 78]
300.49 Filing fees.
300.50 [Repealed, 1951 c 550 s 78]
300.51 Certificate of incorporation issued by secretary of state.
300.52 Meetings.
300.53 Irregular meetings, how validated.
300.54 Capital stock; how classified and issued.
300.55 Stock certificates, to whom issued.
300.56 Repealed, 1965 c 811 art 10 s 336.10-102
300.57 Personal representatives, guardians, trustees may vote.
300.58 Dissolution of corporations; exceptions.
300.59 Continuance to close affairs; exceptions.
300.60 Criminal penalties.
300.61 False statement a felony.
300.62 Existing corporation, how to reorganize.
300.63 Attorney general to examine.
300.64 Liability of stockholders and directors.
300.65 Mining corporations; meetings; stock in other companies permitted; penalties.
300.66 Contributions by corporations.
300.67 Declaration of policies.
300.68 Validation of prior gifts.

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