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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

254A.086 Culturally targeted detoxification program.

The commissioner of human services shall provide technical assistance to enable development of a special program designed to provide culturally targeted detoxification services in accordance with section 254A.08, subdivision 2. The program must meet the standards of Minnesota Rules, parts 9530.4100 to 9530.4450, as they apply to detoxification programs. The program established under this section must have standards for using video and advocacy group members for monitoring and surveillance to ensure the safety of clients and staff. In addition, in hiring staff, the program must ensure that the criminal background check requirements of Minnesota Rules, part 9543.3040, are met; and the commissioner of human services must ensure compliance with chapter 245C. The program administrator and all staff of the facility must report to the Office of the Ombudsman for Mental Health and Mental Retardation within 24 hours of its occurrence, any serious injury, as defined in section 245.91, subdivision 6, or the death of a person admitted to the shelter. The ombudsman shall acknowledge in writing the receipt of all reports made to the ombudsman's office under this section. Acknowledgment must be mailed to the facility and to the county social service agency within five working days of the day the report was made. In addition, the program administrator and staff of the facility must comply with all of the requirements of section 626.557, the Vulnerable Adults Act. The program shall be designed with a community outreach component and shall provide services to clients in a safe environment and in a culturally specific manner.

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