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179A.40 Hennepin Healthcare System, Inc.

Subdivision 1. Units. The following are the appropriate employee units of the Hennepin Healthcare System, Inc. All units shall exclude supervisors, managerial employees, and confidential employees. No additional units of Hennepin Healthcare System, Inc., shall be eligible to be certified for the purpose of meeting and negotiating with an exclusive representative. The units include all:

(1) registered nurses;

(2) physicians;

(3) professionals except for registered nurses and physicians;

(4) technical and paraprofessional employees;

(5) carpenters, electricians, painters, and plumbers;

(6) health general service employees;

(7) interpreters;

(8) emergency medical technicians/emergency medical dispatchers (EMT/EMD), and paramedics;

(9) bioelectronics specialists, bioelectronics technicians, and electronics technicians;

(10) skilled maintenance employees; and

(11) clerical employees.

Subd. 2. Nonconforming units. Preexisting Hennepin County Medical Center bargaining units covered by existing labor agreements on June 3, 2005, that do not conform to one of the 11 units described in subdivision 1 shall continue to be appropriate. If an employee representative seeks to represent employees who are residual to an existing nonconforming unit, then all of the employees who are residual to that unit shall be eligible to vote in an election conducted by the commissioner. An election shall be held when an employee organization or group of employees files a petition for an election and the petition is supported by a showing of interest from 30 percent or more of the employees who are residual to an existing nonconforming unit. The employees who are residual to an existing nonconforming unit shall be included within the existing nonconforming unit if a majority of the eligible employees who vote cast their ballots in favor of representation during an election conducted by the commissioner. Nothing shall preclude an exclusive representative and Hennepin HealthCare System, Inc., or prior to the formation of the corporation Hennepin County, from agreeing to an election conducted by the commissioner or other appropriate procedure by which less than all of the employees who are residual to an existing nonconforming unit may be added to the unit.

HIST: 2005 c 125 art 2 s 5

* NOTE: This section, as added by Laws 2005, chapter 125, *article 2, section 5, is effective the day after the Hennepin *County Board files a certificate of local approval in compliance *with Minnesota Statutes, section 645.021, subdivision 3. Laws *2005, chapter 125, article 1, section 29, as amended by Laws *2005, First Special Session chapter 7, section 34; and Laws *2005, chapter 125, article 2, section 10.

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