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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

84B.12 Citizens Council on Voyageurs National Park.

(a) The governor may appoint, except for the legislative members, a Citizens Council on Voyageurs National Park, consisting of 17 members as follows:

(1) four residents of Koochiching County;

(2) four residents of St. Louis County;

(3) five residents of the state, at large, from outside Koochiching and St. Louis Counties;

(4) two members of the senate to be appointed by the Committee on Committees; and

(5) two members of the house of representatives to be appointed by the speaker of the house.

(b) The governor shall designate one of the appointees to serve as chair and the committee may elect other officers that it considers necessary. Members shall be appointed so as to represent differing viewpoints and interest groups on the facilities included in and around the park. Legislative members shall serve for the term of the legislative office to which they were elected. The terms, compensation, and removal of nonlegislative members of the council are as provided in section 15.059. The council expires June 30, 2007.

(c) The executive committee of the council consists of the legislative members and the chair. The executive committee shall act on matters of personnel, out-of-state trips by members of the council, and nonroutine monetary issues.

(d) The committee shall conduct meetings and research into all matters related to the establishment and operation of Voyageurs National Park, and shall make such recommendations to the United States National Park Service and other federal and state agencies concerned regarding operation of the park as the committee deems advisable. A copy of each recommendation shall be filed with the Legislative Reference Library. Subject to the availability of legislative appropriation or other funding, the committee may employ staff and may contract for consulting services relating to matters within its authority.

(e) Money appropriated to provide the payments prescribed by this section is appropriated to the commissioner of administration.

HIST: 2003 c 128 art 1 s 40