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505.02 Survey; contents of plat; boundaries.

Subdivision 1. Plat contents. The land shall be surveyed and a plat made setting forth and naming all thoroughfares, showing all public grounds, and giving the dimensions of all lots, thoroughfares and public grounds. All in-lots shall be numbered by beginning the numbering with number one and numbering each lot progressively, through the block in which they are situated, all blocks shall be numbered progressively, by beginning the numbering with the number one and numbering each block progressively through each plat. Consecutive lot or block numbering shall not be continued from one plat into another. All outlots shall be designated by alphabetical order beginning with outlot "A" in each plat. Durable iron monuments shall be set at all angle and curve points on the outside boundary lines of the plat and also at all block and lot corners and at all intermediate points on the block and lot lines indicating changes of direction in the lines and witness corners. The plat shall indicate that all monuments have been set or will be set within one year after recording, or sooner as specified by the approving local governmental unit. A financial guarantee may be required for the placement of monuments. There shall be shown on the plat all survey and mathematical information and data necessary to locate all monuments and to locate and retrace any and all interior and exterior boundary lines appearing thereon. The outside boundary lines of the plat shall be correctly designated on the plat and shall show bearings on all straight lines, or angles at all angle points, and central angle and radii and arc length for all curves. All distances shall be shown between all monuments as measured to the nearest hundredth of a foot. All lot distances shall be shown on the plat to the nearest hundredth of a foot and all curved lines within the plat shall show central angles, radii and arc distances. If a curved line constitutes the line of more than one lot in any block of a plat, the central angle for that part of each lot on the curved line shall be shown. The width of all thoroughfares shall be shown on the plat. Ditto marks shall not be used on the plat for any purpose. In any instance where a river, stream, creek, lake or pond constitutes a boundary line within or of the plat, a survey line shall be shown with bearings or angles and distances between all angle points and their relation to a water line, and all distances measured on the survey line between lot lines shall be shown, and the survey line shall be shown as a dashed line. The outside boundary lines of the plat shall close by latitude and departure with an error not to exceed one foot in 7,500 feet. All rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, ponds, swamps, and all public highways and thoroughfares laid out, opened, or traveled (existing before the platting) shall be correctly located and plainly shown and designated on the plat. The name and adjacent boundary lines of any adjoining platted lands shall be dotted on the plat.

Subd. 2. Water lines, elevation, easements. Any such plat which includes lands abutting upon any lake or stream shall show, for the purpose of information only, a contour line denoting the present shore line, water elevation and the date of survey. The highest known water elevation shall be indicated on the face of the plat by numerical figures if this data is available from the division of waters, soils and minerals of the state Department of Natural Resources or from the United States Corps of Engineers. All elevations shall be referenced to a durable bench mark described on the plat together with its location and elevation to the nearest hundredth of a foot, which shall be given in mean sea level datum if such bench mark with known sea level datum is available within one-half mile, or such longer distance as may be practicable. The purpose of any easement shown on the plat must be clearly stated, and shall be confined to only those that deal with public utilities, and such drainage easements as deemed necessary for the orderly development of the land encompassed within the plat. Building setbacks or temporary easements shall not be shown on a plat. All easements created or dedicated by such plat must be approved by the governing or jurisdictional body or its agent prior to recording of final plat.

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