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366.13 Zoning districts.

For the purposes of sections 366.10 to 366.18, if a majority of the voters voting on the question have voted "Yes" at an election under section 366.12, the town board may divide the town into districts or zones of the number, shape, and area as it deems best suited to carry out sections 366.10 to 366.18. Within the districts or zones it may regulate and restrict:

(1) the location, height, bulk, number of stories, size of buildings and other structures,

(2) the location of roads and schools,

(3) the percentage of lot which may be occupied,

(4) the sizes of yards and other open spaces,

(5) the density and distribution of population,

(6) the uses of buildings and structures for trade, industry, residence, recreation, public activities, or other purposes, and

(7) the uses of land for trade, industry, residence, recreation, agriculture, forestry, soil conservation, water supply conservation, or other purposes.

The regulations shall be uniform for each class and kind of buildings and for the use of land throughout each district, but regulations in one district may differ from those in other districts.

The board may not make a regulation prohibiting the erection, establishment, alteration, enlargement, use, occupancy, or maintenance of a landing area or airport as defined by the federal Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938, owned by a municipality, political subdivision, or public corporation created in and for any two or more municipalities, the operation and use of which has been approved by the Department of Transportation or by the Civil Aeronautics Board and no permit under sections 366.10 to 366.18 shall be required for its erection, establishment, alteration, enlargement, use, occupancy, or maintenance. Regulations made by a board before April 20, 1943, prohibiting such erection, establishment, alteration, enlargement, use, occupancy, or maintenance of airports are annulled.

Before adopting a division or regulation under this section the board shall hold a public hearing on the matter with notice as provided in section 366.15.

HIST: 1939 c 187 s 4; 1943 c 494 s 2; 1976 c 166 s 7; 1980 c 416 s 4; 1989 c 197 art 7 s 1

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Revisor of Statutes