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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

356.90 Combined payment.

(a) The Public Employees Retirement Association and the Minnesota State Retirement System are permitted to combine payments to retirees. The total payment must be equal to the amount that is payable if payments were kept separate. The retiree must agree, in writing, to have the payment combined.

(b) Each plan must calculate the benefit amounts under the laws governing the plan and the required reserves and future mortality losses or gains must be paid or accrued to the plan from which the service was earned. Each plan must account for their portion of the payment separately, and there may be no additional liabilities realized by either fund.

(c) The fund making payment would be responsible for issuing one payment, making address changes, tax withholding changes, and other administrative functions needed to process the payment.

HIST: 2000 c 461 art 3 s 45