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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

CHAPTER 352D. State unclassified employees retirement program

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
352D.01 Establishment.
352D.015 Definitions.
352D.02 Coverage.
352D.03 Transfer of assets.
352D.04 Investment options.
352D.05 Withdrawal options.
352D.06 Annuities.
352D.065 Disability benefits.
352D.07 [Repealed, 1973 c 624 s 13]
352D.075 Death benefits.
352D.08 [Repealed, 1973 c 624 s 13]
352D.085 Combined service.
352D.09 Administration.
352D.10 [Repealed, 1981 c 224 s 276]
352D.11 Purchase of prior service credit.
352D.12 Transfer of prior service contributions.