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352.23 Termination of rights.

When any employee accepts a refund as provided in section 352.22, all existing service credits and all rights and benefits to which the employee was entitled before accepting the refund terminate. They must not again be restored until the former employee acquires at least six months of allowable service credit after taking the last refund. In that event, the employee may repay all refunds previously taken from the retirement fund. Repayment of refunds entitles the employee only to credit for service covered by (1) salary deductions; (2) payments made in lieu of salary deductions; (3) payments made to obtain credit for service as permitted by laws in effect when payment was made; and (4) allowable service once credited while receiving temporary workers' compensation as provided in section 352.01, subdivision 11, clause (5). Payments under this section for repayment of refunds are to be paid with interest at an annual rate of 8.5 percent compounded annually. They may be paid in a lump sum or by payroll deduction in the manner provided in section 352.04. Payment may be made in a lump sum up to six months after termination from service.

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