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CHAPTER 306. Public cemeteries

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
306.01 Cemetery associations and private cemeteries, how governed.
306.02 Cemetery corporations or associations.
306.023 Unused public cemetery; transfer to operating public cemetery.
306.025 Transfer of cemetery to local government unit.
306.027 Merger of cemeteries.
306.03 Actuary; records; reports.
306.04 Failure to keep register; forfeiture.
306.05 Land acquired for cemetery purposes.
306.06 Conveyance of certain lands to cemetery associations.
306.07 Fraternal corporations to transfer lands for cemetery purposes.
306.08 Lands to be subject to rules of cemetery associations.
306.09 Sale of lots.
306.10 Use of funds; grants in trust.
306.11 Vacancies; annual meeting; report of trustees.
306.111 Vacancies among associates, procedure for filling.
306.12 Action for damages.
306.13 Employees to have police powers.
306.14 Taxes; roads; special assessments.
306.141 Relocation.
306.15 Lots, conveyance.
306.155 Correction of interment errors.
306.16 Title to burial lots regained by association; procedure.
306.17 Records of association.
306.18 Description of lots in notice and proceedings.
306.19 Limitation.
306.20 Reinvestment; redemption.
306.21 Upkeep of lots; abandonment.
306.22 Action to quiet title.
306.23 Evidence of abandonment.
306.24 Filing of judgment.
306.241 Deposit of net proceeds from lot resales.
306.242 Title to lots regained by association after 60 years.
306.243 Maintaining abandoned cemeteries.
306.245 Neglected cemeteries; duties of town board.
306.246 Cemetery maintenance funds.
306.25 Cancellation and termination of contracts for purchase of lots by certain associations; refunds.
306.26 Existing contracts.
306.27 Limitation.
306.28 Property sales by public cemetery associations.
306.29 Disposal of lots by owners.
306.30 [Repealed, 1973 c 35 s 49]
306.31 Cemetery associations may establish permanent fund.
306.32 Trustees of fund.
306.33 Trustees; powers; term; accounting.
306.34 Bonds.
306.35 Vacancy in board of trustees.
306.36 New board; organization.
306.37 Care and improvement fund.
306.38 Expenditures and investments.
306.39 Compensation.
306.40 Secretary's annual report.
306.41 Establishment of permanent care and improvement fund.
306.42 Use of interest.
306.43 Use of gifts to fund.
306.44 Investment and use of funds.
306.45 County cemetery fund; management, investment, interest.
306.46 Deposit of and interest on county fund.
306.47 Depository for county fund; bond.
306.48 Investment of county cemetery fund.
306.49 Accounts kept by auditor.
306.50 Annual report by secretary; deposit of excess interest.
306.51 Interest on county fund, apportionment.
306.52 Report by auditor to secretary.
306.53 Interest paid to treasurer of board.
306.54 Audit of county fund.
306.55 Assessments levied for lot care; enforcement.
306.56 Fund for perpetual care of graves set aside by court.
306.57 Application.
306.58 Reorganization of certain associations.
306.59 Notice for meeting of lot owners.
306.60 Meeting and election of officers.
306.61 Certificate; record; effect.
306.62 Powers and duties of officers.
306.63 Sale of certain real estate.
306.64 Real estate, when sold.
306.65 Plats filed, cities of over 50,000.
306.66 Subdivision or rearrangement of cemeteries.
306.67 Application.
306.68 Reorganization of certain associations.
306.69 Certain corporations may amend articles.
306.70 Certificate of amended articles to be recorded.
306.71 Right and duties after amendment.
306.72 Association, how governed.
306.73 Amendment of articles of incorporation.
306.74 Certificate of amendment.
306.75 Application.
306.76 Permanent care and improvement fund maintained by certain associations.
306.761 Permanent care and improvement funds.
306.762 Permanent retention of records.
306.77 Appointment of trust company.
306.773 Investment of fund of cemetery associations.
306.78 Percentage of sale of lots and mausoleums paid into fund; other additions to fund.
306.79 Principal inviolate; invested in certain securities.
306.80 Trust company to make annual report.
306.81 Disposition of property to successor trustee.
306.82 Power of court to remove trustee or compel accounting.
306.83 Application to certain associations.
306.84 Certain sections not applicable.
306.85 Application.
306.851 Public cemeteries for the poor.
306.86 Conveyances of cemetery lots and lands to holding corporations legalized; reconveyance to cities of first class for cemetery purposes.
306.87 Definitions.
306.88 Acquisition of cemetery.
306.90 Construction performance bond.
306.93 Certified letter.
306.95 Duties of the county auditor.
306.97 [Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 1 art 2 s 136]
306.99 Winter burials.

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