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Minnesota Legislature

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270.19 Municipalities to be party to tax hearings.

Any city, town, school district, or county (all of which governmental subdivisions shall be embraced in the word "municipality" as used hereinafter) may appear at and become a party to any proceedings before the commissioner of revenue held for the purpose of equalizing or assessing any real or personal property in such municipality, or reducing the net tax capacity of any such property. For that purpose any such municipality may employ counsel and disburse money for other expenses in connection with such proceedings, on duly itemized, verified claims, which shall be audited and allowed as now provided by law for the allowance of claims against a municipality. It shall be the duty of the commissioner of revenue, at the time of such hearing, to grant the municipality, at its request, such further reasonable time as may be necessary for such municipality to prepare for further hearing. Before granting any reduction in net tax capacity exceeding $100,000, it shall be the duty of the commissioner of revenue, when any taxpayer or property owner has applied to the commissioner after June 30, 1983, for a reduction of the net tax capacity of any real or personal property in an amount exceeding $100,000, to give written notice to the officials of the municipality wherein such property is located and to permit such municipality to have reasonable opportunity to be heard at any proceedings concerning such reduction.

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