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252A.081 Notice of hearing.

Subdivision 1. General. Except as otherwise provided in this section, sections 524.5-113, 524.5-205, and 524.5-304 apply to a notice of hearing for public guardianship.

Subd. 2. Service of notice. Service of notice on the ward or proposed ward must be made by a nonuniformed person. To the extent possible, the process server or visitor shall explain the document's meaning to the proposed ward. In addition to the persons required to be served under sections 524.5-113, 524.5-205, and 524.5-304, the mailed notice of the hearing must be served on the commissioner, the local agency, and the county attorney.

Subd. 3. Attorney. In place of the notice of attorney provisions in sections 524.5-205 and 524.5-304, the notice must state that the court will appoint an attorney for the proposed ward unless an attorney is provided by other persons.

Subd. 4. Service of petition on commissioner. When a petition has been filed by a person other than the commissioner, the court shall promptly forward a copy of the petition and any other documents filed with or issued by the court to the commissioner.

Subd. 5. Defective notice of service. A defect in the service of notice or process, other than personal service upon the proposed ward or conservatee or service upon the commissioner and local agency within the time allowed and the form prescribed in this section and sections 524.5-113, 524.5-205, and 524.5-304, does not invalidate any public guardianship or conservatorship proceedings.

HIST: 1987 c 185 art 1 s 20; 2004 c 146 art 3 s 17

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