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222.31 Alteration of route.

The board of directors of any railroad corporation, by a vote of two-thirds of their whole number, may alter the route of their road, or any part of the road, or any extension or branch thereof as constructed, when they are of opinion that the line can be improved thereby; but no railroad, whether in the hands of the original incorporators or of any other person or corporation, shall be diverted from any county, town or city which in its corporate capacity shall have extended aid to such road, without the consent of such municipality. Such consent shall be evidenced by a vote of two-thirds of the legal voters of such municipality, at an election held for that purpose. No such alteration shall be made in any city after the road shall have been constructed therein, unless the same shall have been sanctioned by a vote of two-thirds of the governing body of such municipality. Before making any such alteration, unless the route is designated as provided in section 222.32, the board of directors shall designate the route thereof by a resolution entered in its records and filed for record with the secretary of state.

HIST: (7530) RL s 2921; 1973 c 123 art 5 s 7