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147A.23 Responding to disaster situations.

(a) A registered physician assistant or a physician assistant duly licensed or credentialed in a United States jurisdiction who is responding to a need for medical care created by a state or local disaster may render such care as the physician assistant is able to provide, under the physician assistant's license, registration, or credential, without the need of a physician and physician assistant agreement as required under section 147A.20. Physician supervision, as required under section 147A.09, must be provided under the direction of a physician licensed under chapter 147 who is involved with the disaster response. The physician assistant must establish a temporary supervisory agreement with the physician providing supervision before rendering care.

(b) The physician who provides supervision to a physician assistant while the physician assistant is rendering care in a disaster in accordance with this section may do so without meeting the requirements of section 147A.20.

(c) The supervising physician who otherwise provides supervision to a physician assistant under a physician and physician assistant agreement described in section 147A.20 shall not be held medically responsible for the care rendered by a physician assistant pursuant to paragraph (a). Services provided by a physician assistant under paragraph (a) shall be considered outside the scope of the relationship between the supervising physician and the physician assistant.

HIST: 1999 c 226 s 1; 2000 c 298 s 1

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