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CHAPTER 124D. Education programs

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
124D.01 Definitions.


124D.02 School board powers; enrollment.
124D.03 Enrollment options program.
124D.04 Options for enrolling in adjoining states.
124D.05 Attending school in another state; severance pay.
124D.06 Specific enrollment options in nonresident districts; limited application.
124D.07 [Repealed, 1Sp2001 c 6 art 1 s 55 subd 1]
124D.08 School boards' approval to enroll in nonresident district.
124D.081 First-grade preparedness program.
124D.09 Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act.
124D.095 On-line learning option.
124D.096 On-line learning aid.
124D.10 Charter schools.
124D.11 Revenue for a charter school.


124D.111 Lunch aid; food service accounting.
124D.112 [Repealed, 1998 c 398 art 6 s 38; 1999 c 241 art 7 s 3]
124D.113 [Repealed, 1999 c 241 art 7 s 3]
124D.114 Lactose reduced milk.
124D.115 [Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 9 art 5 s 37]
124D.1155 [Repealed, 1Sp2001 c 6 art 5 s 14]
124D.1156 [Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 9 art 5 s 37]
124D.1158 School breakfast program.
124D.116 [Repealed, 1999 c 241 art 7 s 3]
124D.117 Districts to offer school breakfast program.
124D.118 School milk program.
124D.119 Summer food service replacement aid.
124D.1195 Commodity donated food revolving fund.


124D.12 Purpose of flexible learning year programs.
124D.121 Definition of flexible learning year program.
124D.122 Establishment of flexible learning year program.
124D.123 Division of children into groups.
124D.124 Public hearing before implementation.
124D.125 Assignment of teachers.
124D.126 Powers and duties of commissioner; flexible learning year programs.
124D.127 Termination of flexible learning year program.
124D.128 Learning year program to provide instruction throughout year.


124D.13 Early childhood family education (ECFE) programs.
124D.135 Early childhood family education (ECFE) revenue.
124D.14 [Repealed, 1999 c 205 art 1 s 73]
124D.15 School readiness programs.
124D.16 School readiness aid.
124D.17 [Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 9 art 7 s 12]
124D.18 Purpose of community education programs.
124D.19 Community education programs; advisory council.
124D.20 Community education revenue.
124D.21 [Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 9 art 8 s 8]
124D.22 School-age care revenue.
124D.221 [Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 9 art 8 s 8]
124D.23 Family services and community-based collaboratives.
124D.24 Citation; Minnesota Family Connections Act.
124D.25 Purpose of the Family Connections Act.
124D.26 Improved learning program.
124D.27 Advisory council.
124D.28 Family connections program components.
124D.29 Career teacher.
124D.30 Family connections aid.
124D.31 Reserved revenue for certain teacher program.
124D.32 [Repealed, 1Sp2001 c 6 art 2 s 78]
124D.33 [Repealed, 1Sp2001 c 3 art 2 s 18]
124D.331 [Repealed, 1Sp2001 c 3 art 2 s 18]


124D.34 Minnesota Foundation for Student Organizations.
124D.35 Youth entrepreneurship education program.
124D.355 Vocational education student organizations.
124D.36 Citation; Minnesota Youth Works Act.
124D.37 Purpose of the Minnesota Youth Works Act.
124D.38 Definitions.
124D.385 Minnesota Commission on National and Community Service.
124D.39 Youth works program.
124D.40 Youth works grants.
124D.41 [Repealed, 2004 c 286 s 4]
124D.42 Program provisions.
124D.43 [Repealed, 2004 c 286 s 4]
124D.44 Match requirements.
124D.45 Evaluation and reporting requirements.
124D.452 District report; career and technical education.
124D.454 Access to Minnesota's transition system for children with a disability.
124D.46 Education and employment transitions system.
124D.47 Comprehensive youth apprenticeship program.
124D.48 General application of workplace health and safety laws; displacement of workers prohibited.
124D.49 Education and employment transitions partnerships.
124D.50 Service-learning and work-based learning curriculum and programs.
124D.505 Minnesota career information system.


124D.51 Evening schools; adult and continuing education.
124D.518 Adult basic education aid definitions.
124D.52 Adult basic education.
124D.521 Consortium requirements.
124D.522 Adult basic education supplemental service grants.
124D.53 [Repealed, 2000 c 489 art 1 s 46]
124D.531 Adult basic education aid.
124D.54 [Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 9 art 9 s 10]
124D.548 [Repealed, 1998 c 398 art 6 s 38]
124D.549 General education development (GED) tests rules; commissioner.
124D.55 General education development (GED) test fees.
124D.56 Community education program revenue; adults with disabilities.
124D.57 Hearing impaired educational support services.


124D.58 Citation; Education for Limited English Proficient Students Act.
124D.59 Definitions.
124D.60 Rights of parents.
124D.61 General requirements for programs.
124D.62 Exemption from licensure requirements for limited English proficiency (LEP) or English as a second language (ESL) teachers.
124D.63 Technical assistance.
124D.64 Discrimination prohibited.
124D.65 Limited English proficiency (LEP) programs aid.


124D.66 Assurance of mastery programs.
124D.67 [Repealed, 1999 c 241 art 1 s 69]


124D.68 Graduation incentives program.
124D.69 Aid for alternative programs provided under contract.
124D.70 [Repealed, 1999 c 241 art 2 s 62]


124D.71 Citation; American Indian Education Act.
124D.72 Policy.
124D.73 Definitions.
124D.74 American Indian education programs.
124D.75 Licenses for American Indian language and culture education teachers; exemptions.
124D.76 Teachers aides; community coordinators.
124D.77 Recruiting and retaining Indian teachers.
124D.78 Parent and community participation.
124D.79 Community and commissioner participation in American Indian education.
124D.80 MS 2002 Expired
124D.81 Continuation of Indian education grants.
124D.82 Discrimination prohibited.
124D.83 State revenue for American Indian tribal contract or grant schools.
124D.84 Indian scholarships.
124D.85 [Repealed, 1Sp2001 c 6 art 2 s 78]


124D.86 Integration revenue.
124D.87 Interdistrict desegregation or integration transportation aid.
124D.871 Magnet school and program grants.
124D.88 Metropolitan magnet school grants.
124D.89 [Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 9 art 2 s 56]
124D.892 Office of Desegregation/Integration.
124D.894 [Repealed, 2001 c 161 s 58]
124D.895 Parental involvement programs.
124D.896 Desegregation/integration and inclusive education rules.


124D.90 School enrichment partnership program.
124D.91 [Repealed, 2004 c 294 art 5 s 22]
124D.92 [Repealed, 2004 c 294 art 5 s 22]
124D.93 [Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 9 art 8 s 8]
124D.94 Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation.
124D.96 Welfare and correctional institutions' policies for educational programs.
124D.97 [Repealed, 2004 c 256 art 1 s 8]

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