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121A.67 Aversive and deprivation procedures.

The commissioner must adopt rules governing the use of aversive and deprivation procedures by school district employees or persons under contract with a school district. The rules must:

(1) promote the use of positive approaches and must not encourage or require the use of aversive or deprivation procedures;

(2) require that planned application of aversive and deprivation procedures be a part of an individual education plan;

(3) require parents or guardians to be notified after the use of aversive or deprivation procedures in an emergency;

(4) establish health and safety standards for the use of time-out procedures that require a safe environment, continuous monitoring of the child, ventilation, and adequate space; and

(5) contain a list of prohibited procedures.

HIST: 1988 c 554 s 2; 1990 c 495 s 2; 1998 c 397 art 9 s 19,26; 1998 c 398 art 5 s 55

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes