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116.28 Lists required.

Subdivision 1. Contents of product. No household laundry or dishwashing compound, including household detergents and presoaks, shall be sold or displayed for sale unless the product name is on a list prominently displayed near the product display stating the phosphorus content by percentage of weight to weight of the package contents. The products shall be listed in descending order and in letters and figures not less than one half inch high and proportionately wide. No list shall be required if the Pollution Control Agency adopts and has in effect standards for maximum allowable phosphorus content of household laundry and dishwashing compounds.

Subd. 2. Agency will supply current listing. The Pollution Control Agency shall supply any person upon request with a current listing of household laundry and dishwashing compounds and their phosphorus contents received pursuant to sections 116.21 to 116.35. This list shall be updated periodically.

HIST: 1971 c 896 s 8; 1974 c 275 s 1,2