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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

473.856 Metropolitan system statements; amendments.

Local governmental units shall consider in their initial comprehensive plans submitted to the council, and school districts shall consider in their initial capital improvement programs submitted to the council, any amendments or modifications to metropolitan system plans which were made by the council and transmitted prior to January 1, 1978. Thereafter, within nine months after receiving an amendment to a metropolitan system plan, each affected local governmental unit shall review its comprehensive plan and each affected school district shall review its capital improvement program to determine if an amendment is necessary to ensure continued conformity with metropolitan system plans. If an amendment is necessary, the governmental unit or school district shall prepare the amendment and submit it to the council for review pursuant to sections 462.355, subdivision 4, 473.175, and 473.851 to 473.871.

HIST: 1976 c 127 s 6; 1977 c 347 s 68