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252.24 Duties of county boards.

Subdivision 1. Selection of developmental achievement centers. The county board shall administer developmental achievement services. The county board shall ensure that transportation is provided for children who fulfill the eligibility requirements of section 252.23, clause (1), utilizing the most efficient and reasonable means available. The county board may contract for developmental achievement services and transportation from a center which is licensed under the provisions of sections 245A.01 to 245A.16, 252.28, and 257.175, and in the board's opinion, best provides daytime developmental achievement services for children with mental retardation or related conditions within the appropriation and resources made available for this purpose. Daytime developmental achievement services administered by the county board shall comply with standards established by the commissioner pursuant to subdivision 2 and applicable federal regulations.

Subd. 2. Supervision of projects; promulgation of rules. The commissioner of human services shall closely supervise any developmental achievement center receiving a grant under sections 252.21 to 252.25. The commissioner shall promulgate rules in the manner provided by law as necessary to carry out the purposes of sections 252.21 to 252.25, including but not limited to rules pertaining to facilities for housing developmental achievement centers, administration of centers, and eligibility requirements for admission and participation in activities of the center.

Subd. 3. Payment procedure. The board at the beginning of each year, shall allocate available money for developmental achievement services for disbursement during the year to those centers that have been selected to receive grants and whose plans and budgets have been approved. The board shall, from time to time during the fiscal year, review the budgets, expenditures and programs of the various centers and if it determines that any amount of funds are not needed for any particular center to which they were allocated, it may, after 30 days' notice, withdraw such funds as are unencumbered and reallocate them to other centers. It may withdraw all funds from any center upon 90 days' notice whose program is not being administered in accordance with its approved plan and budget.

Subd. 4. Fees. The county board may, with the approval of the commissioner, establish a schedule of fees for daytime developmental achievement services. No child, or family of a child, with mental retardation or a related condition shall be denied daytime developmental achievement services because of an inability to pay such a fee.

Subd. 5. Developmental achievement centers: salary adjustment per diem. The commissioner shall approve a two percent increase in the payment rates for day training and habilitation services vendors effective July 1, 1991. All revenue generated shall be used by vendors to increase salaries, fringe benefits, and payroll taxes by at least three percent for personnel below top management. County boards shall amend contracts with vendors to require that all revenue generated by this provision is expended on salary increases to staff below top management. County boards shall verify in writing to the commissioner that each vendor has complied with this requirement. If a county board determines that a vendor has not complied with this requirement for a specific contract period, the county board shall reduce the vendor's payment rates for the next contract period to reflect the amount of money not spent appropriately. The commissioner shall modify reporting requirements for vendors and counties as necessary to monitor compliance with this provision.

Each county agency shall report to the commissioner by July 30, 1991, its actual social service day training and habilitation expenditures for calendar year 1990. The commissioner shall allocate the day habilitation service CSSA appropriation made available for this purpose to county agencies in proportion to these expenditures.

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