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160.93 User fees; high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

Subdivision 1. Fees authorized. To improve efficiency and provide more options to individuals traveling in a trunk highway corridor, the commissioner of transportation may charge user fees to owners or operators of single-occupant vehicles using designated high-occupancy vehicle lanes. The fees may be collected using electronic or other toll-collection methods and may vary in amount with the time of day and level of traffic congestion within the corridor. The commissioner shall consult with the Metropolitan Council and obtain necessary federal authorizations before implementing user fees on a high-occupancy vehicle lane. Fees under this section are not subject to section 16A.1283.

Subd. 2. Deposit of revenues; appropriation. (a) Money collected from fees authorized under subdivision 1 must be deposited in a high-occupancy vehicle lane user fee account in the special revenue fund. A separate account must be established for each trunk highway corridor. Money in the account is appropriated to the commissioner.

(b) From this appropriation the commissioner shall first repay the trunk highway fund and any other fund source for money spent to install, equip, or modify the corridor for the purposes of subdivision 1, and then shall pay all the costs of implementing and administering the fee collection system for that corridor.

(c) The commissioner shall spend remaining money in the account as follows:

(1) one-half must be spent for transportation capital improvements within the corridor; and

(2) one-half must be transferred to the Metropolitan Council for expansion and improvement of bus transit services within the corridor beyond the level of service provided on the date of implementation of subdivision 1.

Subd. 3. Rules exemption. With respect to this section, the commissioner is exempt from statutory rulemaking requirements, including section 14.386, and from sections 160.84 to 160.92 and 161.162 to 161.167.

Subd. 4. Prohibition. No person may operate a single-occupant vehicle in a designated high-occupancy vehicle lane except in compliance with the requirements of the commissioner. A person who violates this subdivision is guilty of a petty misdemeanor and is subject to sections 169.89, subdivisions 1, 2, and 4, and 169.891 and any other provision of chapter 169 applicable to the commission of a petty misdemeanor traffic offense.

HIST: 1Sp2003 c 19 art 2 s 7