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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

127A.19 Financial management assistance and training to school districts and school sites.

The Department of Education shall make available to school districts and individual school sites assistance and training in financial management. The assistance and training shall be in at least the following areas:

(1) provision of an updated uniform financial and reporting system manual in both hard copy and computerized form which will be applicable to both the school district and to a school site under site-based management;

(2) regularly scheduled training and assistance in accounting and financial operations, and special assistance as requested;

(3) long-term financial planning, including that involved with district reorganization;

(4) district and school level expenditure and revenue budgeting and other fiscal and organizational requirements, including that under site-based management;

(5) assistance with school, district, and regional capital budget planning; and

(6) the development of a model reporting system for school sites for resource use and outcome achievement. The model shall include characteristics about the student population, staffing levels, and achievement results attributable to the instructional and organizational structure of the school site.

HIST: 1993 c 224 art 7 s 5; 1Sp1995 c 3 art 16 s 13; 1998 c 397 art 4 s 51; 2003 c 130 s 12