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CHAPTER 62S. Qualified long-term care insurance policies

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
62S.01 Definitions.
62S.02 Qualified long-term care insurance policy.
62S.021 Long-term care insurance; initial filing.
62S.03 Extraterritorial jurisdiction.
62S.04 Prohibitions.
62S.05 Preexisting condition.
62S.06 Prior hospitalization or institutionalization.
62S.07 Right to return; refund.
62S.08 Coverage outline.
62S.081 Required disclosure of rating practices to consumers.
62S.09 Certificate requirements.
62S.10 Policy summary.
62S.11 Monthly report.
62S.12 Claim denial.
62S.13 Incontestability period.
62S.14 Renewability.
62S.15 Authorized limitations and exclusions.
62S.16 Extension of benefits.
62S.17 Continuation or conversion.
62S.18 Discontinuance and replacement.
62S.19 Unintentional lapse.
62S.20 Required disclosure provisions.
62S.21 Prohibition against postclaims underwriting.
62S.22 Minimum standards for home health and community care benefits.
62S.23 Requirement to offer inflation protection.
62S.24 Requirements for application forms and replacement coverage.
62S.25 Reporting requirements.
62S.26 Loss ratio.
62S.265 Premium rate schedule increases.
62S.266 Nonforfeiture benefit requirement.
62S.27 Filing requirement.
62S.28 Filing requirements for advertising.
62S.29 Standards for marketing.
62S.30 Appropriateness of recommended purchase.
62S.31 Requirement to deliver shopper's guide.
62S.32 Application.
62S.33 Penalties.

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Revisor of Statutes