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394.36 Nonconformities.

Subdivision 1. Continuous or it ends. Any nonconformity including the lawful use or occupation of land or premises existing at the time of the adoption of an official control hereunder may be continued, except as regulated, terminated or acquired by the board as provided in subdivisions 2 or 3, although such use or occupation does not conform to the provisions thereof, but if such nonconformity or occupancy is discontinued for a period of more than one year, or any nonconforming building or structure is destroyed by fire or other peril to the extent of 50 percent of its market value, any subsequent use or occupancy of the land or premises shall be a conforming use or occupancy.

Subd. 1a. Substandard structures. Notwithstanding subdivision 1, Minnesota Rules, parts 6105.0351 to 6105.0550, may allow for the continuation and improvement of substandard structures, as defined in Minnesota Rules, part 6105.0354, subpart 30, in the Lower Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway.

Subd. 2. Regulations. The board may by ordinance adopt such regulations not contrary to law as it deems desirable or necessary to classify, regulate and control, reduce the number or extent of and provide for the gradual elimination of nonconformities and occupancies, including requiring nonconformities to conform with the official controls of the county or terminate within a reasonable time as specified in the official controls. The board may by ordinance impose upon nonconformities additional regulations relating to appearance, signs, lighting, hours of operation and other aesthetic performance characteristics including but not limited to noise, heat, glare, vibrations and smoke.

Subd. 3. May buy if detrimental. A nonconformity that is determined by the board to be detrimental to the achievement of the goals and objectives of the comprehensive plan may be acquired by the board by purchase.

HIST: 1959 c 559 s 16; 1974 c 571 s 41-43; 2002 c 366 s 5