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256B.5011 ICF/MR reimbursement system effective October 1, 2000.

Subdivision 1. In general. Effective October 1, 2000, the commissioner shall implement a contracting system to replace the current method of setting total cost payment rates under section 256B.501 and Minnesota Rules, parts 9553.0010 to 9553.0080. In determining prospective payment rates of intermediate care facilities for persons with mental retardation or related conditions, the commissioner shall index each facility's operating payment rate by an inflation factor as described in section 256B.5012. The commissioner of finance shall include annual inflation adjustments in operating costs for intermediate care facilities for persons with mental retardation and related conditions as a budget change request in each biennial detailed expenditure budget submitted to the legislature under section 16A.11.

Subd. 2. Contract provisions. (a) The service contract with each intermediate care facility must include provisions for:

(1) modifying payments when significant changes occur in the needs of the consumers;

(2) the establishment and use of a quality improvement plan. Using criteria and options for performance measures developed by the commissioner, each intermediate care facility must identify a minimum of one performance measure on which to focus its efforts for quality improvement during the contract period;

(3) appropriate and necessary statistical information required by the commissioner;

(4) annual aggregate facility financial information; and

(5) additional requirements for intermediate care facilities not meeting the standards set forth in the service contract.

(b) The commissioner of human services and the commissioner of health, in consultation with representatives from counties, advocacy organizations, and the provider community, shall review the consolidated standards under chapter 245B and the supervised living facility rule under Minnesota Rules, chapter 4665, to determine what provisions in Minnesota Rules, chapter 4665, may be waived by the commissioner of health for intermediate care facilities in order to enable facilities to implement the performance measures in their contract and provide quality services to residents without a duplication of or increase in regulatory requirements.

Subd. 3. Repealed, 1999 c 245 art 3 s 51

HIST: 1998 c 407 art 3 s 16; 1999 c 245 art 3 s 31,32; 2000 c 474 s 13