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69.29 Exclusion from membership.

Each firefighters' relief association may exclude all applicants for membership who are not physically and mentally sound so as to prevent unwarranted risks for the association. Additional requirements for entrance fees and annual dues for membership in the association may from time to time be prescribed in the bylaws of the association. Each firefighters' relief association may exclude from active membership all members who reach 65 years of age regardless of the provisions of sections 197.455 to 197.48. When such members who have reached 65 years of age have been so excluded from active membership in the relief association, they shall be retired and receive a service pension as provided in this chapter.

The St. Paul and Duluth firefighters' relief associations shall exclude and the Minneapolis firefighters' relief association shall exclude or shall consider as a provisional member of the relief association pursuant to section 356.451, as specified by the city council of the city of Minneapolis, all applicants for membership and all present members who are employed in subsidized on-the-job training, work experience or public service employment as enrollees under the federal Comprehensive Employment and Training Act from and after March 30, 1978 unless the applicant or member has as of the later of the date of application for membership or March 30, 1978 sufficient service credit in the relief association to meet the minimum vesting requirements for a deferred service pension, or the city of the first class agrees in writing to make the total required employer contributions on account of that individual from revenue sources other than funds provided under the federal Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, or the applicant or member agrees in writing to make the required employer contributions in addition to the member contribution.

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