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473.1623 Metropolitan council, agencies; financial reporting and management.

Subdivision 1. Purpose. The purpose of this section is to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness of metropolitan agencies and services, by improving coordination among metropolitan agencies in financial reporting and management for metropolitan systems and services.

Subd. 2. Advisory committee. A financial reporting and management advisory committee is created, consisting of the chairs of the council and the metropolitan airports commission and sports facilities commission. The committee is established to assist and advise the council and other governing boards in meeting the requirements of this section. Staff and administrative services for the committee must be provided by the council and the member agencies. Other agencies shall make financial information available upon request.

Subd. 3. Financial report. By December 15 of even-numbered years, the council, in consultation with the advisory committee, shall publish a consolidated financial report for the council and all metropolitan agencies and their functions, services, and systems. The financial report must cover the calendar year in which the report is published and the two years preceding and three years succeeding that year. The financial report must contain the following information, for each agency, function, or system, respectively, and in the aggregate, in a consistent format that allows comparison over time and among agencies in expenditure and revenue categories:

(1) financial policies, goals, and priorities;

(2) levels and allocation of public expenditure, including capital, debt, operating, and pass-through funds, stated in the aggregate and by appropriate functional, programmatic, administrative, and geographic categories, and the changes in expenditure levels and allocations that the report represents;

(3) the resources available under existing fiscal policy;

(4) additional resources, if any, that are or may be required;

(5) changes in council or agency policies on regional sources of revenue and in levels of debt, user charges, and taxes;

(6) other changes in existing fiscal policy, on regional revenues and intergovernmental aids respectively, that are expected or that have been or may be recommended by the council or the respective agencies;

(7) an analysis that links, as far as practicable, the uses of funds and the sources of funds, by appropriate categories and in the aggregate;

(8) a description of how the fiscal policies effectuate current policy and implementation plans of the council and agencies concerned; and

(9) a summary of significant changes in council and agency finance and an analysis of fiscal trends.

The council shall present the report for discussion and comment at a public meeting in the metropolitan area.

Subd. 4. Financial reporting; budgeting. The advisory committee, with the assistance of the state auditor and the legislative auditor, shall develop uniform or consistent standards, formats, and procedures for the budgets and financial reports of the council and all metropolitan agencies.

Subd. 4a. Summary budget. The council and each metropolitan agency shall prepare a summary budget for agency fiscal year 1988 and each year thereafter. The advisory committee, with the assistance of the state auditor and the legislative auditor, shall develop guidelines and models for the summary budgets. The purpose of the summary budget is to increase public knowledge and agency accountability by providing citizens outside of the agency with a condensed, accessible, and graphic description of the financial affairs of the agency. The document should contain a coherent, effectively communicated, understandable statement of: financial trends and forecasts; budget policies and policy changes; agency financial assumptions, objectives, and plans; revenue sources and expenditures by program category; personnel policies, decisions, and allocation; budgetary performance measures; and similar matters serving the purpose of the document.

Subd. 4b. Annual budget. The council and each metropolitan agency shall include in the annual budget:

(1) a statement of the reserve or fund balance carried forward at the end of the budget year, for at least the two preceding fiscal years;

(2) a comparison of budgeted and actual expenditures, reported by department and, if the agency has a program budget, by program, for at least the two preceding fiscal years;

(3) a comparison of budgeted and actual revenues, reported by revenue source, for at least the two preceding fiscal years; and

(4) a listing, by contract or project, of proposed or anticipated expenditures for consultants and professional, technical, and other similar services.

Subd. 5. Administrative coordination. The advisory committee shall evaluate the benefits, costs, methods, and effects, including operational effects, of joint or uniform and coordinated exercise of powers by the council and metropolitan agencies for appropriate administrative functions. The study must include at least ongoing managerial reporting, contracts, purchasing, data processing, and personnel.

Subd. 6. Personnel and ethical practices; communication. By January 1 of each year, the council and each agency represented on the advisory committee established under this section shall report to the legislature on the following:

(1) agency personnel practices, including an analysis of trends, compliance with legal requirements, health care and other benefits, and salary levels in comparison with relevant job markets; and

(2) ethical practices requirements for board members and employees of each agency, including the sources of the requirements, agency comparisons, and comparison with requirements for state and local government officers and employees; and

(3) the activities undertaken by each agency board member and council member to regularly meet with and communicate with local officials and legislators in the member's district about issues before the agency or council.

The report on employee salaries under clause (1) must include details of: all lump sum payments or bonuses; and a description of all payments, expense accounts, allowances, including travel allowances, and other current benefits granted to individuals that are not made generally available to employees of the council or agency.

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