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CHAPTER 260C. Child protection

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
260C.001 Title, intent, and construction.
260C.007 Definitions.
260C.050 Expert assistance.
260C.101 Jurisdiction.
260C.121 Venue.
260C.141 Petition.
260C.143 Procedure; habitual truants, runaways, offenders.
260C.148 Procedure; domestic child abuse.
260C.151 Summons; notice.
260C.152 Service of summons, notice.
260C.154 Failure to obey summons or subpoena; contempt, arrest.
260C.157 Investigation; physical and mental examination.
260C.163 Hearing.
260C.165 Certain out-of-court statements admissible.
260C.168 Compliance with Indian Child Welfare Act.
260C.171 Records.
260C.175 Taking child into custody.
260C.176 Release or detention.
260C.178 Detention hearing.
260C.181 Place of temporary custody; shelter care facility.
260C.188 Children in custody; responsibility for medical care.
260C.193 Dispositions; general provisions.
260C.201 Dispositions; children who are in need of protection or services or neglected and in foster care.
260C.205 Dispositions; voluntary foster care placements.
260C.206 County responsibility for transitional services plans.
260C.207 Reports on achievement of goals of court-ordered out-of-home placements.
260C.208 Information for child placement.
260C.212 Children in placement.
260C.213 Concurrent permanency planning.
260C.215 Welfare of children.
260C.217 Safe place for newborns.
260C.301 Termination of parental rights.
260C.303 Venue.
260C.307 Procedures in terminating parental rights.
260C.312 Disposition; parental rights not terminated.
260C.317 Termination of parental rights; effect.
260C.325 Guardian.
260C.328 Change of guardian; termination of guardianship.
260C.331 Costs of care.
260C.335 Civil jurisdiction over persons contributing to need for protection or services; court orders.
260C.401 [Repealed, 2000 c 260 s 97]
260C.405 Violation of an order for protection.
260C.411 New evidence.
260C.415 Appeal.
260C.421 Contempt.
260C.425 Criminal jurisdiction for contributing to need for protection or services.
260C.431 Tests, examinations.
260C.435 Special provisions in certain cases.
260C.441 Cost, payment.
260C.446 Distribution of funds recovered for assistance furnished.
260C.451 Age limit for benefits to children.
260C.501 Parental and law enforcement notification.

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Revisor of Statutes