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CHAPTER 103I. Wells, borings, and underground uses

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
103I.001 Legislative intent.
103I.005 Definitions.
103I.101 Powers and duties of the commissioner of health.
103I.103 Waste prevention may be required.
103I.105 Advisory council on wells and borings.
103I.111 Local authority over wells and borings.
103I.112 Fee exemptions for state and local government.
103I.113 Applicability to mining activities.
103I.115 Compliance with this chapter required.
103I.205 Well construction.
103I.208 Notification filing fees and permit fees.
103I.211 [Repealed, 1990 c 597 s 73]
103I.221 Plastic casings.
103I.222 Use of polyvinyl chloride.
103I.231 Commissioner may order repairs.
103I.235 Real property sale; disclosure of location of wells.
103I.241 Action for well contamination.
103I.301 Well sealing requirements.
103I.311 Identification and sealing of wells on state property.
103I.315 Orders to seal wells and borings.
103I.321 [Repealed, 1990 c 597 s 73]
103I.325 Landowner sealed well liability.
103I.331 [Repealed, 1989 c 326 art 3 s 21, subd 6; 1994 c 557 s 23]
103I.335 Funding for persons to seal wells.
103I.341 Collection and enforcement of well sealing costs.
103I.345 Well and boring sealing account.
103I.401 Elevator shaft borings.
103I.451 Environmental bore holes.
103I.501 Licensing and regulation of wells and borings.
103I.505 Reciprocity of licenses.
103I.515 Licenses not transferable.
103I.521 Fees deposited with state treasurer.
103I.525 Well contractor's license.
103I.531 Limited well/boring contractor's license.
103I.533 [Repealed, 1990 c 597 s 73]
103I.535 Elevator shaft contractor's license.
103I.541 Monitoring well contractors.
103I.545 Registration of drilling machines required.
103I.601 Exploratory boring procedures.
103I.605 Submission of data from exploratory borings.
103I.621 Permits for groundwater thermal exchange devices.
103I.641 Vertical heat exchangers.
103I.661 Mined underground space development.
103I.681 Permit for underground storage of gas or liquid.
103I.685 Abandonment of underground storage project.
103I.691 Certificate of use.
103I.701 [Repealed, 1993 c 206 s 25]
103I.705 [Repealed, 1993 c 206 s 25]
103I.711 Impounding of equipment.
103I.715 Criminal penalties.

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