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CHAPTER 611A. Crime victims: rights, programs, agencies

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
611A.01 Definitions.
611A.015 Scope of victims' rights.
611A.02 Notification of victim services and victims' rights.
611A.021 Notice of right to request withholding of certain public data.
611A.03 Plea agreements; notification.
611A.031 Victim input regarding pretrial diversion.
611A.0311 Domestic abuse prosecutions plan and procedures; pilot program.
611A.0315 Victim notification; domestic assault; harassment.
611A.032 [Repealed, 1995 c 186 s 102]
611A.033 Speedy trial; notice of schedule change.
611A.034 Separate waiting areas in courthouse.
611A.035 Confidentiality of victim's address.
611A.036 Prohibition against employer retaliation.
611A.037 Presentence investigation; victim impact; notice.
611A.038 Right to submit statement at sentencing.
611A.0385 Sentencing; implementation of right to notice of offender release.
611A.039 Right to notice of final disposition of criminal case.
611A.0395 Right to information regarding defendant's appeal.
611A.04 Order of restitution.
611A.045 Procedure for issuing order of restitution.
611A.046 Victim's right to request probation review hearing.
611A.05 Penalties no bar to civil remedies.
611A.06 Right to notice of release.
611A.07 Electronic monitoring to protect domestic abuse victims; standards.
611A.08 Barring perpetrators of crimes from recovering for injuries sustained during criminal conduct.
611A.19 Testing of sex offender for human immunodeficiency virus.
611A.20 Notice of risk of sexually transmitted disease.
611A.201 Director of prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault.
611A.202 Interagency task force on domestic violence and sexual assault prevention.
611A.21 Development of statewide program; definition; services.
611A.22 Powers of commissioner.
611A.221 Additional power.
611A.23 [Repealed, 1996 c 310 s 1]
611A.24 [Repealed, 1985 c 262 s 7]
611A.25 Sexual assault advisory council.
611A.31 Definitions.
611A.32 Battered women programs.
611A.33 Duties of commissioner.
611A.34 Advisory council on battered women.
611A.345 Advisory council recommendations.
611A.35 Advisory council on battered women and domestic abuse program director.
611A.36 Data collection.
611A.361 General crime victims advisory council.
611A.362 Renumbered 119A.20
611A.363 Renumbered 119A.21
611A.364 Renumbered 119A.22
611A.365 Renumbered 119A.23
611A.37 Definitions.
611A.371 Program operation.
611A.372 Duties of director.
611A.373 Payments.
611A.375 Appeal process.
611A.41 Crime victim crisis center.
611A.42 [Repealed, 1996 c 310 s 1]
611A.43 Functions.
611A.44 [Repealed, 1996 c 310 s 1]
611A.51 Title.
611A.52 Definitions.
611A.53 Eligibility for reparations.
611A.54 Amount of reparations.
611A.55 Crime victims reparations board.
611A.56 Powers and duties of the board.
611A.57 Determination of claims.
611A.58 Attorneys fees; limitation for representation before board.
611A.59 [Repealed, 1987 c 244 s 8]
611A.60 Reparations; how paid.
611A.61 Subrogation.
611A.612 Crime victims account.
611A.62 Medical privilege.
611A.63 Enforcement of board's orders.
611A.64 Department of corrections; restitution.
611A.65 Use of record of claim; evidence.
611A.66 Law enforcement agencies; duty to inform victims of right to file claim.
611A.67 Fraudulent claims; penalty.
611A.675 Fund for emergency needs of crime victims.
611A.68 Limiting commercial exploitation of crimes; payment of victims.
611A.70 Citation.
611A.71 Council; establishment.
611A.72 Citation.
611A.73 Definitions.
611A.74 Crime victim ombudsman; creation.
611A.75 [Repealed, 1997 c 7 art 2 s 67]
611A.76 Crime victim services telephone line.
611A.77 Mediation programs for crime victims and offenders.
611A.775 Restorative justice programs.
611A.78 Crime victim services roundtable.
611A.79 Civil damages for bias offenses.
611A.80 Definitions.
611A.81 Cause of action for coercion for use in prostitution.
611A.82 Acts not defenses.
611A.83 Evidence.
611A.84 Statute of limitations.
611A.85 Other remedies preserved.
611A.86 Double recovery prohibited.
611A.87 Award of costs.
611A.88 No avoidance of liability.
611A.90 Release of videotapes of child abuse victims.

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