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204C.28 Election night; duties of county auditors and municipal clerks.

Subdivision 1. County auditor. Every county auditor shall remain at the auditor's office to receive delivery of the returns, to permit public inspection of the summary statements, and to tabulate the votes until all have been tabulated and the results made known, or until 24 hours have elapsed since the end of the hours for voting, whichever occurs first. The county auditor shall file all envelopes containing ballots in a safe place with seals unbroken. If the envelopes were previously opened by proper authority for examination or recount, the county auditor shall have the envelopes sealed again and signed by the individuals who made the inspection or recount. The envelopes may be opened by the county canvassing board if necessary to procure election returns that the election judges inadvertently may have sealed in the envelopes with the ballots. In that case, the envelopes shall be sealed again and signed in the same manner as otherwise provided in this subdivision.

Subd. 2. Clerks. The clerk of every first, second, and third class city shall remain at the clerk's office to receive delivery of returns, or until 24 hours have elapsed since the end of the hours for voting, whichever occurs first. The clerk of every first class city shall keep a book in which, in the presence of the election judges or other individuals who deliver the returns, the clerk shall make a record of all materials delivered, the time of delivery, and the names of the election judges or other individuals who made delivery. The book shall be retained in the clerk's office for the same period as the ballots as provided in section 204B.40.

Subd. 3. School district returns and materials. At a school district election held in conjunction with a state election, the county auditor or municipal clerk shall deliver the summary statements of the school district election returns, all unused and spoiled school district ballots, and the envelope containing the school district ballots from each precinct to the clerk of the appropriate school district within 48 hours after the polls close.

HIST: 1981 c 29 art 5 s 28; 1986 c 444; 1987 c 266 art 1 s 45

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