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515B.2-118 Amendment of declaration.

(a) The declaration, including any CIC plat, may be amended only by vote or written agreement of unit owners of units to which at least 67 percent of the votes in the association are allocated, or any greater or other requirement the declaration specifies, subject to the following qualifications:

(1) A declarant may execute amendments under section 515B.2-111 or 515B.2-112.

(2) The association and certain unit owners, as applicable, may execute amendments under section 515B.2-107, 515B.2-109, 515B.2-112, 515B.2-113, 515B.2-114, 515B.2-119, 515B.2-122, 515B.2-123, or 515B.2-124.

(3) The unanimous written consent of the unit owners is required for any amendment which (i) creates or increases special declarant rights, (ii) increases the number of units, (iii) changes the boundaries of any unit, (iv) changes the allocated interests of a unit, (v) changes common elements to limited common elements, (vi) changes the authorized use of a unit from residential to nonresidential, or conversely, or (vii) changes the characterization of the unit owner's interest in a cooperative from real estate to personal property, or conversely; unless the amendment is expressly permitted or required by other provisions of this chapter.

(4) The declaration may specify less than 67 percent for approval of an amendment, but only if all of the units are restricted to nonresidential use.

(b) No action to challenge the validity of an amendment adopted by the association pursuant to this section may be brought more than two years after the amendment is recorded.

(c) Every amendment to the declaration shall be recorded in every county in which any portion of the common interest community is located and is effective only when recorded. If an amendment (i) changes the number of units, (ii) changes the boundary of a unit, (iii) changes common elements to limited common elements, or conversely, or (iv) makes any other change that affects the CIC plat, then an amendment to the CIC plat reflecting the change shall be recorded.

HIST: 1993 c 222 art 2 s 18; 1994 c 388 art 4 s 8; 1999 c 11 art 2 s 11