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CHAPTER 504B. Landlord and tenants

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
504B.001 Definitions.
504B.101 Distress for rent.
504B.111 Written lease required; penalty.
504B.115 Tenant to be given copy of lease.
504B.121 Tenant may not deny title; exception.
504B.125 Person in possession liable for rent; evidence.
504B.131 Rent liability; uninhabitable buildings.
504B.135 Terminating tenancy at will.
504B.141 Urban real estate; holding over.
504B.145 Restriction on automatic renewals of leases.
504B.151 Restriction on residential lease terms for buildings in financial distress.
504B.155 Tenant must give cold weather notice before vacation of building.
504B.161 Covenants of landlord or licensor.
504B.165 Unlawful destruction; damages.
504B.171 Covenant of landlord and tenant not to allow unlawful activities.
504B.173 Applicant screening fee.
504B.175 Prelease deposit.
504B.178 Interest on security deposits; withholding security deposits; damages; limit on withholding last month's rent.
504B.181 Landlord or agent disclosure.
504B.185 Inspection; notice.
504B.195 Disclosure required for outstanding inspection and condemnation orders.
504B.204 Action for rental of condemned residential premises.
504B.205 Residential tenant's right to seek police and emergency assistance.
504B.211 Residential tenant's right to privacy.
504B.215 Emergency conditions; loss of essential services.
504B.221 Unlawful termination of utilities.
504B.225 Intentional ouster and interruption of utilities; misdemeanor.
504B.231 Damages for ouster.
504B.235 Definitions.
504B.241 Residential tenant reports; disclosure and corrections.
504B.245 Tenant report; remedies.
504B.251 Recording of notice of cancellation of leases.
504B.255 Termination notice requirement for federally subsidized housing.
504B.261 Pets in subsidized handicapped accessible rental housing units.
504B.265 Termination of lease upon death of tenant.
504B.271 Tenant's personal property remaining in premises.
504B.275 Attorney general's statement; distribution.
504B.281 Forcible entry and unlawful detainer prohibited.
504B.285 Eviction actions; grounds; retaliation defense; combined allegations.
504B.291 Eviction action for nonpayment; redemption; other rights.
504B.301 Eviction action for unlawful detention.
504B.305 Notice of seizure provision.
504B.311 No eviction action if tenant holds over for three years.
504B.315 Restrictions on eviction due to familial status.
504B.321 Complaint and summons.
504B.325 Expedited relief.
504B.331 Summons; how served.
504B.335 Answer; trial.
504B.341 Continuance of trial.
504B.345 Judgment; execution.
504B.351 Failure of jury to reach a verdict.
504B.355 Form of verdict.
504B.361 Forms of summons and writ.
504B.365 Execution of the writ of recovery of premises and order to vacate.
504B.371 Appeals.
504B.375 Unlawful exclusion or removal; action for recovery of possession.
504B.381 Emergency tenant remedies action.
504B.385 Rent escrow action to remedy violations.
504B.391 Violations of building repair orders.
504B.395 Procedure.
504B.401 Summons.
504B.411 Answer.
504B.415 Defenses.
504B.421 Hearing.
504B.425 Judgment.
504B.431 Service of judgment.
504B.435 Landlord's right to collect rent suspended.
504B.441 Residential tenant may not be penalized for complaint.
504B.445 Administrator.
504B.451 Receivership revolving loan fund.
504B.455 Removal of administrator.
504B.461 Termination of administration.
504B.465 Waiver not allowed.
504B.471 Purpose to provide additional remedies.

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