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353D.01 Public employees defined contribution plan.

Subdivision 1. Establishment. The public employees defined contribution plan is administered by the public employees retirement association under supervision of the association board of trustees. To assist it in governing the operations of the plan, the board may appoint an advisory committee of not more than nine members who are representative of the employers and employees who participate in the plan.

Subd. 2. Eligibility. (a) Eligibility to participate in the defined contribution plan is available to:

(1) elected local government officials of a governmental subdivision who elect to participate in the plan under section 353D.02, subdivision 1, and who, for the elected service rendered to a governmental subdivision, are not members of the public employees retirement association within the meaning of section 353.01, subdivision 7;

(2) physicians who, if they did not elect to participate in the plan under section 353D.02, subdivision 2, would meet the definition of member under section 353.01, subdivision 7;

(3) basic and advanced life support emergency medical service personnel employed by or providing services for any public ambulance service or privately operated ambulance service that receives an operating subsidy from a governmental entity that elects to participate under section 353D.02, subdivision 3; and

(4) members of a municipal rescue squad associated with Litchfield in Meeker county, or of a county rescue squad associated with Kandiyohi county, if an independent nonprofit rescue squad corporation, incorporated under chapter 317A, performing emergency management services, and if not affiliated with a fire department or ambulance service and if its members are not eligible for membership in that fire department's or ambulance service's relief association or comparable pension plan.

(b) For purposes of this chapter, an elected local government official includes a person appointed to fill a vacancy in an elective office. Service as an elected local government official only includes service for the governmental subdivision for which the official was elected by the public-at-large. Service as an elected local government official ceases and eligibility to participate terminates when the person ceases to be an elected official. An elected local government official does not include an elected county sheriff.

(c) Elected local government officials, physicians, first response personnel and emergency medical service personnel, and rescue squad personnel who are currently covered by a public or private pension plan because of their employment or provision of services are not eligible to participate in the public employees defined contribution plan.

(d) A former participant is a person who has terminated eligible employment or service and has not withdrawn the value of the person's individual account.

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