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268.052 Payment to fund by state and political subdivisions.

Subdivision 1. Payments. In lieu of taxes payable on a quarterly basis, the state of Minnesota or its political subdivisions shall pay into the fund the amount of benefits charged to its reimbursable account under section 268.047. Payments in the amount of benefits charged to the reimbursable account during a calendar quarter shall be made on or before the last day of the month following the month that the notice of benefits charged is sent pursuant to section 268.047, subdivision 5. Past due payments in lieu of taxes shall be subject to the same interest charges and collection procedures that apply to past due taxes.

Subd. 2. Election by state or political subdivision to be a taxpaying employer. (a) The state or political subdivision may elect to be a taxpaying employer for any calendar year if a notice of election is filed within 30 calendar days following January 1 of that calendar year. Upon election, the state or political subdivision shall be assigned the new employer tax rate under section 268.051, subdivision 5, for the calendar year of the election and until it qualifies for an experience rating under section 268.051, subdivision 3.

(b) An election shall be for a minimum period of three calendar years following the effective date of the election and continue unless a notice terminating the election is filed not later than 30 calendar days before the beginning of the calendar year. The termination shall be effective at the beginning of the next calendar year. A termination of election shall be allowed only if the state or political subdivision has a zero experience rating and has no benefit charges to its tax account that have not yet been used in computing an experience rating under section 268.051, subdivision 3.

(c) The method of payments to the fund under subdivisions 3 and 4 shall apply to all taxes paid by or due from the state or political subdivision that elects to be taxpaying employers under this subdivision.

(d) The commissioner may allow a notice of election or a notice terminating election to be filed by mail or electronic transmission.

Subd. 3. Method of payment by state. To discharge its liability, the state and its wholly owned instrumentalities shall pay the fund as follows:

(1) Every self-sustaining department, institution and wholly owned instrumentality shall pay the fund in accordance with subdivision 1. For the purposes of this clause a "self-sustaining department, institution or wholly owned instrumentality" is one where the dedicated income and revenue substantially offsets its cost of operation.

(2) Every partially self-sustaining department, institution and wholly owned instrumentality shall pay the fund that same proportion of the amount that has been charged to its employer account as the proportion of the total of its income and revenue is to its annual cost of operation.

(3) Every department, institution or wholly owned instrumentality that is not self-sustaining shall pay the fund to the extent funds are available from appropriated funds.

(4) The departments, institutions and wholly owned instrumentalities, including the University of Minnesota, that have money available shall pay the fund in accordance with subdivision 1. If an applicant was paid during the base period from a special account provided by law, the payment to the fund shall be made from the special account with the approval of the department of administration and the amounts are hereby appropriated.

(5) For those departments, institutions and wholly owned instrumentalities that cannot pay the fund, the commissioner shall certify on November 1 of each calendar year to the commissioner of finance the unpaid balances. Upon receipt of the certification, the commissioner of finance shall include the unpaid balances in the biennial budget submitted to the legislature.

Subd. 4. Method of payment by political subdivision. A political subdivision or instrumentality thereof is authorized and directed to pay its liabilities by money collected from taxes or other revenues. Every political subdivision authorized to levy taxes may include in its tax levy the amount necessary to pay its liabilities. If the taxes authorized to be levied cause the total amount of taxes levied to exceed any limitation upon the power of a political subdivision to levy taxes, the political subdivision may levy taxes in excess of the limitations in the amounts necessary to meet its liability. The expenditures authorized shall not be included in computing the cost of government as defined in any home rule charter. The governing body of a municipality, for the purpose of meeting its liabilities, in the event of a deficit, may issue its obligations payable in not more than two years, in an amount that may cause its indebtedness to exceed any statutory or charter limitations, without an election, and may levy taxes in the manner provided in section 475.61.

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