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CHAPTER 260B. Delinquency

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
260B.001 Title, intent, and construction.
260B.005 Scope of victim rights.
260B.007 Definitions.
260B.050 Expert assistance.
260B.060 County home schools.
260B.070 Existing home schools continued.
260B.080 Detention homes.
260B.101 Jurisdiction.
260B.103 Transfers from other courts.
260B.105 Venue.
260B.125 Certification.
260B.130 Extended jurisdiction juvenile prosecutions.
260B.141 Petition.
260B.143 Procedure; juvenile petty and misdemeanor offenders.
260B.151 Summons; notice.
260B.152 Service of summons, notice.
260B.154 Failure to obey summons or subpoena; contempt, arrest.
260B.157 Investigation; physical and mental examination.
260B.159 Classification system for juvenile offenders.
260B.163 Hearing.
260B.168 Compliance with Indian Child Welfare Act.
260B.171 Records.
260B.173 Report on juvenile delinquency petitions.
260B.175 Taking child into custody.
260B.176 Release or detention.
260B.178 Detention hearing.
260B.181 Place of temporary custody; shelter care facility.
260B.185 Extension of detention period.
260B.188 Children in custody; responsibility for medical care.
260B.193 Dispositions; general provisions.
260B.198 Dispositions; delinquent child.
260B.225 Juvenile traffic offender; procedures; dispositions.
260B.235 Petty offenders; procedures; dispositions.
260B.240 County responsibility for transitional services plans.
260B.241 Reports on achievement of goals of court-ordered out-of-home placements.
260B.245 Effect of juvenile court proceedings.
260B.255 Juvenile court disposition bars criminal proceeding.
260B.331 Costs of care.
260B.335 Civil jurisdiction over persons contributing to delinquency or status as a juvenile petty offender; court orders.
260B.411 New evidence.
260B.415 Appeal.
260B.421 Contempt.
260B.425 Criminal jurisdiction for contributing to status as a juvenile petty offender or delinquency.
260B.441 Cost, payment.
260B.446 Distribution of funds recovered for assistance furnished.

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Revisor of Statutes