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CHAPTER 123B. School district powers and duties

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
123B.01 Definitions.
123B.02 General powers of independent school districts.
123B.03 Background check.
123B.04 School site decision-making agreement.
123B.05 Contract deadline and penalty.
123B.06 Evaluation of pupil growth and progress; permanent records.
123B.07 Missing children; voluntary fingerprinting.
123B.08 Flag school records of missing children.
123B.09 Boards of independent school districts.
123B.10 Publication of financial information.
123B.11 Imprest cash funds.
123B.12 Insufficient funds to pay orders.
123B.13 Land in settlement of claim against surety.
123B.14 Officers of independent school districts.
123B.143 Superintendent.
123B.147 Principals.
123B.15 Refusing to serve on school board.
123B.16 Failure of clerk to report.
123B.17 Drawing illegal order.
123B.18 Neglecting to keep or deliver records.
123B.19 Failure of auditor to report.
123B.195 Board members' right to employment.
123B.20 Dealing in school supplies.
123B.21 Duty of officers to report violations of law.
123B.22 Combination to control prices.
123B.23 Liability insurance; officers and employees.
123B.24 Legal actions by districts.
123B.25 Legal actions against districts and teachers.
123B.26 Judgment paid by treasurer.
123B.27 Issuance of execution.
123B.28 Records as evidence.
123B.29 Sale at auction.
123B.30 Improper classification of pupils.
123B.31 Limitation of sections.
123B.34 Minnesota Public School Fee Law, citation.
123B.35 General policy.
123B.36 Authorized fees.
123B.37 Prohibited fees.
123B.38 Hearing.
123B.39 Post-secondary instructional programs.
123B.40 Declaration of policy.
123B.41 Definitions.
123B.42 Textbooks; individual instruction or cooperative learning material; standard tests.
123B.43 Use of individualized instructional materials.
123B.44 Provision of pupil support services.
123B.445 Nonpublic education council.
123B.45 Payments for contractual obligations.
123B.46 Administrative costs.
123B.47 Notice to districts; proration.
123B.48 Limit on district obligations.
123B.49 Extracurricular activities; insurance.
123B.50 Special school districts, laws applicable.
123B.51 Schoolhouses and sites; uses for school and nonschool purposes; closings.
123B.52 Contracts.
123B.53 Debt service equalization program.
123B.54 Debt service appropriation.
123B.55 Debt service levy.
123B.56 Health, safety, and environmental management.
123B.57 Capital expenditure; health and safety.
123B.58 Handicapped access and fire safety improvements to school buildings.
123B.59 Alternative facilities bonding and levy program.
123B.60 Building bonds for calamities.
123B.61 Purchase of certain equipment.
123B.62 Bonds for certain capital facilities.
123B.63 Building construction down payment program.
123B.64 Historic building revenue.
123B.65 Energy efficiency projects.
123B.66 [Repealed, 1999 c 241 art 4 s 29]
123B.67 [Repealed, 1999 c 241 art 4 s 29]
123B.68 [Repealed, 1999 c 241 art 4 s 29]
123B.69 [Repealed, 1999 c 241 art 4 s 29]
123B.70 School district construction.
123B.71 Review and comment for school district construction.
123B.72 School facility commissioning.
123B.73 Inspection of public schools.
123B.74 Eminent domain.
123B.744 Agricultural education.
123B.747 National forest land funds, handling and disposition.
123B.75 Revenue; reporting.
123B.76 Expenditures; reporting.
123B.77 Accounting, budgeting, and reporting requirement.
123B.78 Cash flow; school district revenues; borrowing for current operating costs; capital expenditure deficits.
123B.79 Permanent fund transfers.
123B.80 Exceptions for permanent fund transfers.
123B.81 Statutory operating debt.
123B.82 Reorganization operating debt.
123B.83 Expenditure limitations.
123B.84 Policy.
123B.85 Definitions.
123B.86 Equal treatment.
123B.87 Funds and aids.
123B.88 Independent school districts; transportation.
123B.89 [Repealed, 1999 c 241 art 1 s 69]
123B.90 School bus safety training.
123B.91 School district bus safety responsibilities.
123B.92 Transportation aid entitlement.
123B.93 Advertising on school buses.
123B.94 Common school districts; meetings, elections.
123B.95 Boards of common school districts.
123B.96 Treasurer.
123B.97 Schoolhouses and sites; common school districts.
123B.98 Limitation of sections.

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