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CHAPTER 103G. Waters of the state

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
103G.001 Effect of chapter 103G on water law.
103G.005 Definitions.
103G.101 Water conservation program.
103G.105 Cooperation with other agencies.
103G.111 Representation of state in water issues.
103G.115 Enjoining waterflow interference outside of state.
103G.121 Commissioner's authority to investigate and construct projects.
103G.125 Director's authority.
103G.127 Permit program under section 404 of the federal Clean Water Act.
103G.131 Venue of certain actions.
103G.135 Enforcement of commissioner's orders.
103G.141 Penalties.
103G.145 Application.
103G.201 Public waters inventory.
103G.205 Effect of public waters designation.
103G.211 Drainage of public waters generally prohibited without replacement.
103G.215 Agricultural use of public waters during drought.
103G.221 Drainage of public waters wetlands.
103G.222 Replacement of wetlands.
103G.223 Calcareous fens.
103G.2241 Exemptions.
103G.2242 Wetland value replacement plans.
103G.2243 Local comprehensive wetland protection and management plans.
103G.2244 Wetland creation or restoration within pipeline easement.
103G.225 State wetlands and public drainage systems.
103G.231 Property owner's use of public waters wetlands.
103G.235 Restrictions on access to public waters wetlands.
103G.2364 Property owner's use of wetlands.
103G.2365 Control of noxious weeds.
103G.2369 [Repealed, 1991 354 art 7 s 2; 1993 c 175 s 7]
103G.237 Compensation for loss of private use.
103G.2372 Enforcement.
103G.2373 Annual wetlands report.
103G.241 Contractor's responsibility when work affects public waters.
103G.245 Work in public waters.
103G.251 Investigation of activities without permit.
103G.255 Allocation and control of waters of the state.
103G.261 Water allocation priorities.
103G.265 Water supply management.
103G.271 Appropriation and use of waters.
103G.275 Installation for water use.
103G.281 Water use prohibited without measuring quantities.
103G.285 Surface water appropriations.
103G.291 Public water supply appropriation during deficiency.
103G.293 Statewide drought plan.
103G.295 Irrigation of agricultural land.
103G.297 Diversion or drainage of water for mining.
103G.301 General permit application procedures.
103G.305 Time limit to act on water use permit application.
103G.311 Permit hearing.
103G.315 Denial and issuance of permits.
103G.401 Application for establishment of lake levels.
103G.405 Water level control for landlocked lakes.
103G.411 Stipulation of low-water mark.
103G.415 Big Stone Lake, seasonal water level.
103G.421 Control of Mississippi headwater lakes.
103G.501 Construction of private dams on nonnavigable waters.
103G.505 Dam construction and maintenance by state.
103G.511 Publicly owned dam repair.
103G.515 Examination and repair of dams and reservoirs.
103G.521 Transfer of authority over state dams.
103G.525 Limitations on transfers of ownership of dams.
103G.531 Dam permit exceptions.
103G.535 Hydropower generation.
103G.541 Municipal dams on Red River of the North.
103G.545 Dams and water level control in Cook, Lake, and St. Louis counties.
103G.551 Dams used only for water level regulation.
103G.555 Statute of limitations for actions against public officials.
103G.561 Statute of limitations for actions on flowage easements and ordinary high water levels.
103G.565 Right to overflow, obstruct, or impair highways granted by governing body.
103G.571 Bank repair on property where overflow rights are acquired.
103G.575 Grant of flowage easements in Upper Red Lake region.
103G.601 Ice-cutting fences and guards.
103G.605 Deicing water bodies.
103G.611 Water aeration safety.
103G.615 Permits to harvest or destroy aquatic plants.
103G.617 [Repealed, 1996 c 385 art 2 s 8]
103G.621 County weed and algae destruction and removal.
103G.625 Municipal control of aquatic vegetation and organisms.
103G.701 Stream maintenance program.
103G.705 Stream protection and improvement loan program.
103G.711 State's ownership of bed of navigable river.

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