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CHAPTER 103B. Water planning and project implementation

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
103B.001 Effect of chapter 103B on water law.
103B.101 Board of water and soil resources.
103B.151 Coordination of water resource planning.
103B.155 State water and related land resource plan.
103B.201 Metropolitan water management program purpose.
103B.205 Definitions.
103B.211 Joint powers watershed management organization.
103B.215 Boundary change of watershed districts.
103B.221 Termination of watershed district.
103B.225 Boundary change and termination effect on benefits and damages.
103B.227 Watershed management organizations.
103B.231 Watershed plans.
103B.235 Local water management plans.
103B.239 Rule review.
103B.241 Levies.
103B.245 Special tax district; local government unit.
103B.251 Capital improvements by watershed management organizations.
103B.252 Emergency projects.
103B.255 Groundwater plans.
103B.301 Title.
103B.305 Definitions.
103B.311 County water planning and management.
103B.315 Comprehensive water plan review and adoption.
103B.321 Duties of the board.
103B.325 Consistency of local plans and controls with the comprehensive water plan.
103B.331 Authority under approved comprehensive water plans.
103B.335 Tax levy authority.
103B.3355 Wetland functions for determining public values.
103B.3361 Citation.
103B.3363 Definitions.
103B.3365 [Repealed, 1995 c 184 s 32]
103B.3369 Local Water Resources Protection and Management Program.
103B.341 Public drainage.
103B.345 Resolution of disputes.
103B.351 Committee oversight; report required.
103B.355 Application.
103B.451 South Dakota-Minnesota boundary waters commission.
103B.501 Lake improvement districts.
103B.505 Definitions.
103B.511 Administration by commissioner.
103B.515 Initiation and establishment by county board.
103B.521 Initiation by petition and establishment by county board.
103B.525 Establishment of a district in more than one county.
103B.531 Creation by commissioner of natural resources.
103B.535 Order establishing district.
103B.541 Publication and effective date.
103B.545 Referendum on establishment.
103B.551 Board of directors.
103B.555 Financing.
103B.561 Voting by joint county boards.
103B.565 Enforcement of ordinances.
103B.571 Annual meeting of district.
103B.575 Expansion of the boundaries of a lake improvement district.
103B.581 Termination.
103B.601 Definitions.
103B.605 District.
103B.611 Board.
103B.615 District officers.
103B.621 Treasurer.
103B.625 Executive director.
103B.631 Performance of duties and expenses.
103B.635 Funding of district.
103B.641 Regulations of district.
103B.645 Prosecution of violations.
103B.651 Definitions.
103B.655 District.
103B.661 Board.
103B.665 District officers and employees.
103B.671 Treasurer.
103B.675 Executive director.
103B.681 Rules.
103B.683 Prosecution of violations.
103B.685 Performance of duties and expenses.
103B.691 Funding of district.

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