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204C.35 Legislative and judicial races.

Subdivision 1. Automatic recounts. In a state primary when the difference between the votes cast for the candidates for nomination to a legislative office or to a district judicial office is 100 or less, the difference is less than ten percent of the total number of votes counted for that nomination and the difference determines the nomination, the canvassing board with responsibility for declaring the results for that office shall recount the vote. In a state general election when the difference between the votes of a candidate who would otherwise be declared elected to a legislative office or to a district judicial office and the votes of any other candidate for that office is 100 or less, the canvassing board shall recount the votes. A recount shall not delay any other part of the canvass. The results of the recount shall be certified by the canvassing board as soon as possible. Time for notice of a contest for an office which is recounted pursuant to this section shall begin to run upon certification of the results of the recount by the canvassing board. A losing candidate may waive a recount required pursuant to this section by filing a written notice of waiver with the canvassing board.

Subd. 2. Optional recount. A losing candidate for nomination or election to a legislative office or to a district court judicial office may request a recount in a manner provided in this section at the candidate's own expense when the vote difference is greater than the difference required by this section. The votes shall be recounted as provided in this section if the candidate files a request during the time for filing notice of contest of the primary or election for which a recount is sought. The requesting candidate shall file with the filing officer a bond, cash, or surety in an amount set by the filing officer for the payment of the recount expenses. The requesting candidate is responsible for the following expenses: the compensation of the secretary of state, or designees, and any election judge, municipal clerk, county auditor, administrator, or other personnel who participate in the recount; the costs of computer operation, preparation of ballot counting equipment, necessary supplies and travel related to the recount; the compensation of the appropriate canvassing board and costs of preparing for the canvass of recount results; and any attorney fees incurred in connection with the recount by the governing body responsible for the recount.

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