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CHAPTER 86B. Water safety, watercraft, and watercraft titling

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
86B.001 Water use policy.
86B.005 Definitions.
86B.101 Watercraft safety program.
86B.105 Sheriff's safety program.
86B.106 Barring vehicles from unsafe ice.
86B.111 Navigation markers and buoys.
86B.115 Use of docks and structures for advertising.
86B.121 Races, competitions, and exhibitions.
86B.125 Leased watercraft.
86B.201 State law and local ordinance authority.
86B.205 Water surface use ordinance.
86B.211 Water safety rules.
86B.301 Watercraft licenses required.
86B.305 Youth operators.
86B.311 General rules for operation.
86B.313 Personal watercraft regulations.
86B.315 Towing person on water skis or other device.
86B.321 Noise limits.
86B.325 Discharge from marine toilets prohibited.
86B.331 Operation while using alcohol or drugs or with a physical or mental disability.
86B.335 Testing for alcohol and controlled substances.
86B.337 [Repealed, 1Sp1997 c 2 s 69]
86B.341 Duties and liabilities at accident or incident.
86B.401 Watercraft licenses.
86B.405 Dealer's license.
86B.411 Government watercraft licenses.
86B.415 License fees.
86B.421 Licensing by political subdivisions.
86B.501 Personal flotation and lifesaving devices.
86B.505 Watercraft capacity plates.
86B.511 Lights.
86B.515 Sirens and sound-producing devices.
86B.521 Motorboat noise control.
86B.525 Device for arresting backfire.
86B.531 Fire extinguishers and fuel area ventilation.
86B.535 Marine toilets.
86B.601 Scuba diving.
86B.701 Funding county water safety.
86B.705 Allocation of water recreation account and fines and forfeited bail money.
86B.801 Enforcement authority.
86B.805 Enforcement watercraft.
86B.811 Criminal penalties.
86B.815 Violation as evidence in civil action.
86B.820 Definitions.
86B.825 Certificate of title required.
86B.830 Application and issuance of certificate of title.
86B.835 Dealer acquisition and transfer.
86B.840 Transfer by owner.
86B.845 Temporary watercraft use permits.
86B.850 Duplicate certificate.
86B.855 Suspension or revocation of certificate.
86B.860 Responsibilities of commissioner.
86B.865 Penalties.
86B.870 Title fees.
86B.875 Inapplicable liens and security interests.
86B.880 Security interests.
86B.885 Owner-created security interest.
86B.890 Licensed watercraft previously perfected.
86B.895 Satisfaction of security interest.
86B.900 Disclosure of security agreement.
86B.905 Effect of suspension or revocation on security interest.
86B.910 Previously licensed watercraft undisclosed security interests.
86B.915 Liens attaching to watercraft.
86B.920 Stolen watercraft.

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