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611A.675 Fund for emergency needs of crime victims.

Subdivision 1. Grants authorized. The crime victim and witness advisory council shall make grants to prosecutors and victim assistance programs for the purpose of providing emergency assistance to victims. As used in this section, "emergency assistance" includes but is not limited to:

(1) replacement of necessary property that was lost, damaged, or stolen as a result of the crime;

(2) purchase and installation of necessary home security devices;

(3) transportation to locations related to the victim's needs as a victim, such as medical facilities and facilities of the criminal justice system;

(4) cleanup of the crime scene; and

(5) reimbursement for reasonable travel and living expenses the victim incurred to attend court proceedings that were held at a location other than the place where the crime occurred due to a change of venue.

Subd. 2. Application for grants. A city or county attorney's office or victim assistance program may apply to the council for a grant for any of the purposes described in subdivision 1 or for any other emergency assistance purpose approved by the council. The application must be on forms and pursuant to procedures developed by the council. The application must describe the type or types of intended emergency assistance, estimate the amount of money required, and include any other information deemed necessary by the council.

Subd. 3. Reporting by local agencies required. A city or county attorney's office or victim assistance program that receives a grant under this section shall file an annual report with the council itemizing the expenditures made during the preceding year, the purpose of those expenditures, and the ultimate disposition, if any, of each assisted victim's criminal case.

Subd. 4. Report to legislature. On or before February 1, 1999, the council shall report to the chairs of the senate crime prevention and house of representatives judiciary committees on the implementation, use, and administration of the grant program created under this section.

HIST: 1995 c 226 art 7 s 14; 1997 c 239 art 7 s 31

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes