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515B.1-116 Recording.

(a) A declaration, bylaws, any amendment to a declaration or bylaws, and any other instrument affecting a common interest community shall be entitled to be recorded. In those counties which have a tract index, the county recorder shall enter the declaration in the tract index for each unit affected. The registrar of titles shall file the declaration on the certificate of title for each unit affected.

(b) The recording officer shall upon request promptly assign a number (CIC number) to a common interest community to be formed or to a common interest community resulting from the merger of two or more common interest communities.

(c) Documents recorded pursuant to this chapter shall in the case of registered land be filed, and references to the recording of documents shall mean filed in the case of registered land.

(d) Subject to any specific requirements of this chapter, if any document to be recorded pursuant to this chapter requires approval by a certain vote or agreement of the unit owners or secured parties, an affidavit of the secretary of the association stating that the required vote or agreement has occurred shall be attached to the document and shall constitute prima facie evidence of the representations contained therein.

(e) If a common interest community is located on registered land, the recording fee for any document affecting two or more units shall be the then-current fee for registering the document on the certificates of title for the first ten affected certificates and one-third of the then-current fee for each additional affected certificate. This provision shall not apply to recording fees for deeds of conveyance, with the exception of deeds given pursuant to sections 515B.2-119 and 515B.3-112.

(f) Except as permitted under this subsection, a recording officer shall not file or record a declaration creating a new common interest community, unless the county treasurer has certified that the property taxes payable in the current year for the real estate included in the proposed common interest community have been paid. This certification is in addition to the certification for delinquent taxes required by section 272.12. In the case of preexisting common interest communities, the recording officer shall accept, file, and record the following instruments, without requiring a certification as to the current or delinquent taxes on any of the units in the common interest community: (i) a declaration subjecting the common interest community to this chapter; (ii) a declaration changing the form of a common interest community pursuant to section 515B.2-123; or (iii) an amendment to or restatement of the declaration, bylaws, or CIC plat. In order for the instruments to be accepted and recorded under the preceding sentence, the assessor must certify or otherwise inform the recording officer that, for taxes payable in the current year, the assessor has allocated taxable values to each unit or has separately assessed each unit.

(g) The registrar of titles shall not require the filing on certificates of title previously issued for units in a flexible common interest community of an amendment to a declaration pursuant to section 515B.2-111 made solely to add additional real estate.

HIST: 1993 c 222 art 1 s 16; 1994 c 388 art 4 s 4; 1995 c 92 s 6; 1997 c 84 art 1 s 6

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