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48.84 Corporate trustee; trust funds, investment, commingling.

Any trust company or state bank which is permitted to exercise trust powers under the provisions of sections 48.37 to 48.47 inclusive may invest all moneys received by it in trust in authorized securities, and shall be responsible to the owner or cestui que trust for the validity, regularity, quality, value, and genuineness of these investments and securities so made, and for the safekeeping of the securities and evidences thereof. In the absence of an express prohibition in the trust instrument, the trustee may acquire and retain securities of any open-end or closed-end management type investment company or investment trust registered under the Federal Investment Company Act of 1940. The fact that the banking institution, or any affiliate of the banking institution, is providing services to the investment company or trust as investment advisor, sponsor, broker, distributor, custodian, transfer agent, registrar, or otherwise, and receiving compensation for the services shall not preclude the trustee from investing in the securities of that investment company or trust. The banking institution shall disclose to all current income beneficiaries of the trust the rate, formula, and method of the compensation. This paragraph does not alter the degree of care and judgment required of trustees by section 501B.151. When special directions are given in any order, judgment, decree, will, or other written instrument as to the particular manner or the particular class or kind of securities or property in which any investment shall be made, it shall follow such directions, and in such case it shall not be further responsible by reason of the performance of such trust. In all other cases it may invest funds held in any trust capacity in authorized securities using its best judgment in the selection thereof, and shall be responsible for the validity, regularity, quality, and value thereof at the time made, and for their safekeeping. Whether it be the sole trustee or one of two or more cotrustees, it may invest in fractional parts of, as well as in whole, securities, or may commingle funds for investment. If it invests in fractional parts of securities or commingles funds for investment, all of the fractional parts of such securities, or the whole of the funds so commingled shall be owned and held by the trust company or state bank in its several trust capacities, and it shall be liable for the administration thereof in all respects as though separately invested; provided, that not more than $100,000, at the cost price of such investments, shall be so invested for any one trust at any one time in fractional parts or as commingled funds for investment by a trust company or state bank having capital and surplus of less than $500,000, unless the authority to invest in fractional parts or as commingled funds be given in the order, judgment, decree, will, or other written instrument governing such trust. Funds so commingled for investment shall be designated collectively as a common trust fund. Such trust company or state bank shall maintain such common trust fund in conformity with the rules and regulations prevailing from time to time of that federal governmental agency which regulates the collective investment of trust funds by national banks. It may, in its discretion, retain and continue any investment and security or securities coming into its possession in any fiduciary capacity. The foregoing shall apply as well whether a corporate trustee is acting alone or with an individual cotrustee.

HIST: (7735) RL s 3040; 1941 c 298 s 1; 1947 c 234 s 1; 1951 c 165 s 1; 1965 c 171 s 23; 1992 c 473 s 4; 1996 c 314 s 2

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