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290B.04 Application for deferral.

Subdivision 1. Initial application. A taxpayer meeting the program qualifications under section 290B.03 may apply to the commissioner of revenue for the deferral of taxes. Applications are due on or before July 1 for deferral of any of the following year's property taxes. A taxpayer may apply in the year in which the taxpayer becomes 65 years old, provided that no deferral of property taxes will be made until the calendar year after the taxpayer becomes 65 years old. The application, which shall be prescribed by the commissioner of revenue, shall include the following items and any other information which the commissioner deems necessary:

(1) the name, address, and social security number of the owner or owners;

(2) a copy of the property tax statement for the current payable year for the homesteaded property;

(3) the initial year of ownership and occupancy as a homestead;

(4) the owner's household income for the previous calendar year; and

(5) information on any mortgage loans or other amounts secured by mortgages or other liens against the property, for which purpose the commissioner may require the applicant to provide a copy of the mortgage note, the mortgage, or a statement of the balance owing on the mortgage loan provided by the mortgage holder. The commissioner may require the appropriate documents in connection with obtaining and confirming information on unpaid amounts secured by other liens.

The application must state that program participation is voluntary. The application must also state that the deferred amount depends directly on the applicant's household income, and that program participation includes authorization for the deferred amount for each year and the cumulative deferral and interest to appear on each year's property tax statement as public data.

Subd. 2. Approval; recording. The commissioner shall approve all initial applications that qualify under this chapter and shall notify qualifying homeowners on or before December 1. The commissioner may investigate the facts or require confirmation in regard to an application. The commissioner shall record or file a notice of qualification for deferral, including the names of the qualifying homeowners and a legal description of the property, in the office of the county recorder, or registrar of titles, whichever is applicable, in the county where the qualifying property is located. The notice must state that it serves as a notice of lien and that it includes deferrals under this section for future years. The homeowner shall pay the recording or filing fees.

Subd. 3. Annual certification by taxpayer. Annually on or before July 1, a taxpayer whose initial application has been approved under subdivision 2, shall complete the certification form and return it to the commissioner of revenue. The certification must state whether or not the taxpayer wishes to have property taxes deferred for the following year provided the taxes exceed the maximum property tax amount under section 290B.05. If the taxpayer does wish to have property taxes deferred, the certification must state the homeowner's total household income for the previous calendar year and any other information which the commissioner deems necessary.

HIST: 1997 c 231 art 14 s 7

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes