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16B.52 Misuse of state publications.

Subdivision 1. Permissible publications; pictures. No elected, administrative, or executive state officer, may have printed, nor may the commissioner authorize the printing of, at government expense, official reports and other publications intended for general public circulation except those authorized by law or included in the intent of the appropriation out of which the cost will be defrayed. Executive officers shall, before presenting their annual reports and other publications to the commissioner, examine them and exclude from them pictures of elected and administrative officials, and any other pictorial device calculated to or tending to attribute the publication to an individual instead of the department of state government from which it emanates. All other engravings, maps, drawings and illustrations must be excluded from the reports and publications, except those the executive officers certify when they present the reports for printing to be necessary and to relate entirely to the transaction of the state's business, or to be reasonably required to present for clear understanding the substance of the report.

Subd. 2. Attribution of publications. A report or publication authorized by law and paid for from public funds must carry the imprimatur of the agency under whose authority it is issued, but it may not carry the name of an official in any way that might imply attributing the publication to any person, except where certification of the officer is required for authenticity of the document.

Subd. 3. Distribution. No report or publication distributed by or from an administrative or executive officer may contain any notice that it is sent with "the compliments" and may not carry letters of personal greeting from an official.

Subd. 4. Exception. This section does not apply to the legislative manuals provided for in chapter 5.

Subd. 5. Publications by department of administration. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section or any other law relating to the subject matter of this section, the department of administration may continue to publish reports, documents, and related materials of the same manner described in its catalogs of Minnesota state publications.

HIST: 1984 c 544 s 57

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