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16B.16 Energy efficiency installment purchases.

Subdivision 1. Contract conditions. (a) The commissioner may contract to purchase by installment payments capital or other equipment or services intended to improve the energy efficiency of a state building or facility if:

(1) the term of the contract does not exceed ten years;

(2) the entire cost of the contract is a percentage of the resultant savings in energy costs;

(3) the contract for purchase is competitive;

(4) the commissioner has determined that the contract bidder is a responsible bidder under rules adopted by the commissioner, has adequately performed all previous contracts with the state, and has either established a record of promptly paying all its suppliers and subcontractors or has made secure provisions for doing so in connection with the current contract for goods delivered and services rendered;

(5) the contract bidder can finance or obtain financing for the performance of the contract without state assistance or guarantee; and

(6) the state may unilaterally cancel the agreement if the legislature fails to appropriate funds to continue the contract or if the contractor at any time during the term of the contract fails to provide or maintain the equipment to provide the services, or otherwise to meet specifications for performance.

The commissioner may spend money appropriated for energy costs in payment of a contract under this section.

(b) For purposes of clause (a), "contract bidder" means a sole proprietorship, firm, corporation, or other business entity submitting a bid or, if the entity submitting the bid is a new enterprise, a person having a ten percent or greater financial interest in the entity who has or has had a ten percent or greater financial interest in any other entity that has entered into past contracts with the state or other purchasers.

Subd. 2. Energy conservation incentives. Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, fuel cost savings resulting from energy conservation actions shall be available at the managerial level at which the actions took place for expenditure for other purposes within the biennium in which the actions occur or in the case of a shared savings agreement for the contract period of the shared savings agreement. For purposes of this subdivision "shared savings agreement" means a contract meeting the terms and conditions of subdivision 1.

Subd. 3. Legislative intent. The purpose of the energy efficiency installment purchase contracts authorized by this section is to save money on energy costs. The entire cost of the contract must be a percentage of the resultant savings in energy costs. Neither the state nor any state agency is liable to make payments on the contract except to the extent that there are savings in energy costs that must be shared with other parties to the contract. The legislature intends not to appropriate any more money to pay for energy costs as a result of these contracts than would be payable without them.

HIST: 1984 c 544 s 21; 1984 c 654 art 2 s 44; 1984 c 655 art 2 s 13 subd 1; 1987 c 77 s 1; 1990 c 610 art 2 s 1

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