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16A.129 Other commissioner powers.

Subdivision 1. List of salaries. The commissioner may require a list of the employees of an agency, and that their salaries conform with the scale of compensation established by law.

Subd. 2. Classified budget, accounts. The commissioner may classify expenditures and revenue for budget making and accounting.

Subd. 3. Cash advances. When the operations of any nongeneral fund account would be impeded by projected cash deficiencies resulting from delays in the receipt of grants, dedicated income, or other similar receivables, and when the deficiencies would be corrected within the budget period involved, the commissioner of finance may use general fund cash reserves to meet cash demands. If funds are transferred from the general fund to meet cash flow needs, the cash flow transfers must be returned to the general fund as soon as sufficient cash balances are available in the account to which the transfer was made. Any interest earned on general fund cash flow transfers accrues to the general fund and not to the accounts or funds to which the transfer was made. The commissioner may advance general fund cash reserves to nongeneral fund accounts where the receipts from other governmental units cannot be collected within the budget period.

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