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4717.2595 SKIMMERS.

Subpart 1.


Skimmers are permitted in lieu of a gutter if the suction outlets induce enough motion to the pool water to remove floating oil and waste from the entire pool surface, and the edge of the pool deck provides a handhold for swimmers.


Skimming devices must be built into the pool wall.


At least one skimming device must be provided for each 400 square feet of water surface area or fraction thereof.


Where two or more skimmers are used, they must not interfere with each other and must ensure skimming of the entire pool surface.


The flow through rate must be no less than 30 gallons per minute.


Skimmer piping and other components must be designed for a total capacity of at least 80 percent of the required filter flow of the recirculation system.


The skimmer weir must automatically adjust and operate freely with continuous action to variations in water level over a range of at least four inches.


The weir must operate at all flow variations.


The weir must be of a buoyancy and design to permit effective skimming velocity.


Provision must be made to prevent airlock in the skimmer suction line.


Where an equalizer pipe is used, it must be sized to meet the capacity requirements of the filter and pump and not be less than two inches in diameter. If equalizer lines are not provided on skimmers, the main drain must be sized based on the total recirculation flow. The equalizer pipe must be located at least one foot below the lowest overflow level of the skimmer. It must be provided with a valve or equivalent device that automatically opens when the water level drops below the lowest weir level.


If any other device, surge tank, or arrangement is used, enough water for pump suction must be assured.


Equalizer pipe is not required on a pool with an automatic water level control and on spa pools with less than a 1,000 gallon capacity.

Subp. 2.


Skimmers must have an easily removable and cleanable basket or screen through which all overflow water passes to trap large solids.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 144.05; 144.12; 144.123; 145A.02; 157.01

Published Electronically:

May 11, 2009

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