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4715.1380 SHOWERS.

Subpart 1.

Water supply riser.

Every water supply riser from the shower valve to the shower head outlet, whether exposed or not, shall be securely attached to the structure.

Subp. 2.

Shower waste outlet.

Waste outlets, other than those in bathtubs, serving a single shower shall be at least 1-1/2 inches in diameter and have removable strainers not less than three inches in diameter having strainer openings not less than one-fourth inch in minimum dimension. Waste outlets shall be securely fastened to the waste pipe making a watertight connection thereto. Waste outlets serving showers, except single-head showers, must be at least two inches in diameter and must have removable strainers not less than three inches in diameter. Where each shower space is not provided with an individual waste outlet, the waste outlet must be located and the floor pitched so that the water from one shower does not flow over the floor area serving another shower. The floor and waste outlet design must not require a shower user to stand in or walk across the wastewater flowing from another shower space.

Subp. 3.

Shower floors or receptors.

Floors or receptors under shower compartments shall be laid on or be supported by a smooth and structurally sound base. Floors under shower compartments, other than those laid directly on the ground surface or where prefabricated receptors have been provided, shall be lined and made watertight by the provision of suitable shower pans of durable material. Such pans shall turn up on all sides at least two inches above the finished threshold level. Pans shall be securely fastened to the waste outlet at the seepage entrance making a watertight joint between the pan and the outlet. Finished floor surfaces shall be constructed of smooth, noncorrosive, nonabsorbent, and waterproofed materials.

Subp. 4.

Shower compartments.

No shower stall or receptor shall have a finished interior dimension which is less than 30 inches, and each shower compartment shall be of a finished size capable of completely encompassing a 30-inch circle measured at the height of the shower control handles, when the door or curtain is closed, and of a horizontal cross sectional area of not less than 900 square inches. The 30-inch requirement shall not apply to a bathtub used as a shower or to showers installed in remodeling.

Subp. 5.

Anti-scald control devices.

A shower or combination shower-bath in a new or remodeled installation must be equipped with an individual shower control valve. The valve must be of the thermostatic, pressure-balancing, or combination thermostatic and pressure-balancing type in accordance with ASSE Standard 1016.

The temperature of mixed water to multiple showers must be controlled by either a master thermostatic blender that provides scald and thermal shock protection according to ASSE 1069, or the showers must be individually equipped with control valves meeting ASSE Standard 1016.


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November 13, 2012

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