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The statement of quantity shall represent in terms of avoirdupois weight or liquid measure the quantity of product in the package exclusive of materials packed with it. When no general consumer usage to the contrary exists, the statement shall be in terms of liquid measure if the product is liquid or in terms of weight if the product is solid, semisolid, viscous, or a mixture of solid and liquid. Unless the statement is so qualified as to show that it expresses the minimum quantity, it shall be taken to express the actual quantity. When the statement expresses the minimum quantity, no variation below the stated minimum shall be permitted, and variations above the stated minimum shall be no greater than consistent with filling the container to the stated minimum in accordance with good commercial practice. When the statement expresses actual quantity, variations incident to packing in accordance with good commercial practice shall be allowed but the average shall not be less than the quantity stated; provided, that packages of product having a capacity of less than one-half avoirdupois or less than one-half fluid ounce shall not be required to be labeled with the statement of the quantity of contents.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 31A.08

Published Electronically:

August 28, 2002

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